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For all the random stuff people keep asking


Q: How do I use an unsired / Chewed bones? A: Use /offering. /offer name: Unsired and /offer name: Chewed bones

Q: What unlocks should I prioritise? A: Superiors, blocks, task extensions. Slayer helm offers no advantages over a black mask.

Q: How do I unlock/create a slayer helm? A: /slayer rewards unlock unlockable:Malevolent Masquerade followed by /create item:Slayer helmet or /create item: Slayer helmet (i). This isn't needed as a black mask can be used for the same boost.

Q: Does the superior rate increase with the Elite combat achievements? A: Yes, they will automatically appear 25% more frequently after you claim the diary rewards.

Q: Which slayer master should I use? A: Depends on your goal; Konar for CL/XP or Duradel for bossing. Konar is better XP due to being able to complete tasks in any of Konar's assignable locations rather than a specific location (the way it works in OSRS).

Q: How do I imbue my slayer helm/black mask? A: /minigames soul_wars imbue name: Black mask - you can get points through the Soul wars minigame or through Nightmare zone.

Q: Do I need to equip my black mask/slayer helm to get the boost? A: No, the boost works from the bank.

Q: How do I get an arclight? A: /buy name: Darklight then, /create item:Arclight - Requires 3 ancient shards.

Q: How do I get a cannon? A: /buy name: Dwarf multicannon

Q: Why am I using so many cannonballs? A: Cannonballs are used at 16 per minute in single combat areas and 50 per minute in multi areas. This is intentional. XP works out to similar as in game.

Q: How do I get an elemental/mind shield for wyverns? A: /buy name: Mind shield

Q: How can I obtain the Ancient ceremonial robes? A: /k name:Blood Reaver (requires a Frozen key)

Best gear for slayer

Individual gear bonuses (e.g. ranged attack, slash defence, etc.) cap at 95% of their maximum in game value. These values can be found on the OSRS Wiki. Due to attack values generally having easier to reach max values, this means it is best to prioritize reaching this 95% threshold, and then focus on maximizing defence afterwards.


Currently, only your slash attack is taken into account. The 95% threshold for slash attack is 172.9. If you do Jad tasks, it is best to equip a Saradomin Godsword. Otherwise, any godsword can be used, as they all have the same stats.


The 95% threshold for ranged attack is 233.7.


The 95% threshold for magic attack is 168.15.

It is also recommended to equip a staff that provides water runes in your misc setup. (If you don't have a kodai wand.)

You can also create a gear preset for these setups after equipping them. I.E. /gearpresets create name:meleeslay copy_setup:melee /gearpresets create name:rangeslay copy_setup:range /gearpresets create name:mageslay copy_setup:mage Equip the presets with: /gear equip gear_setup: Melee preset: meleeslay /gear equip gear_setup: Range preset: rangeslay /gear equip gear_setup: Mage preset: mageslay

Konar specific

Konar assigns tasks to specific locations, you can use any location that Konar can assign in game. For example Konar assigns black demons in both the catacombs and taverly dungeon, allowing you to use a cannon or not use a cannon to receive ancient shards/totem pieces. Konar does not however assign the area for demonic gorillas meaning these won't count towards a black demon task.

In simpler terms... Konar assigns tasks to specific locations, slightly different to in game. Therefore you may not be able to kill your relevant task’s ‘boss’ counterparts or use a cannon/barrage.

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