Old School Bot


Starting at 35 Fishing, you can send your minion out with /kname:Tempoross.


  • Up to 10% for Fishing level (0.10% per level)
  • Up to 10% for Tempoross kc (0.10% per kc, 100kc is max boost)
  • 10% for Dragon harpoon (MUST be equipped in skilling)
  • 10% for Infernal harpoon (MUST be equipped in skilling)
  • 30% for Crystal harpoon (MUST be equipped in skilling)
  • 2.5% xp boost for Angler outfit (MUST be equipped in skilling)


The 3 harpoons to choose from depend on if you're wanting xp or rewards. Remember that these must be equipped in the skilling setup for the boost to apply.
Crystal harpoon - 30% speed boost, provides higher xp rates
Infernal harpoon - 10% speed boost, provides 100% more rewards
Dragon harpoon - 10% speed boost

XP Rates

The following table assumes you have the full KC boost and outfit equipped. These xp rates are approximate and may vary slighty.
Crystal Harpoon
Infernal/Dragon Harpoon
No Harpoon
32,000 xp/h
39,000 xp/h
69,000 xp/h
46,700 xp/h
72,000 xp/h
56,000 xp/h
49,500 xp/h
78,000 xp/h
60,000 xp/h
53,000 xp/h
88,000 xp/h
68,000 xp/h
60,000 xp/h
98,000 xp/h
75,000 xp/h
67,000 xp/h


  • All rewards are dropped as your minion returns, no need to fish the reward pool. The rewards and their drop rates are exactly the same as the main game. Refer to the OSRS Tempoross rewards page for the various fish that will be given at your fishing level.
  • You can only acquire 1 Fish barrel, Tackle box, Big harpoonfish, and Tiny tempor. If you roll any of these items again, you will be given 25 soaked pages instead.
  • Spirit angler outfit can be acquired with /create, but provides no additional boost over normal anglers.