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Creature Creation

Combine various items to create and kill unique hybrid monsters to collect their drops. Each monster will drop a various number of the same item that was used to create it. It works exactly the same as in osrs.


  • 35 Quest points


All of the following boosts will work from the bank (i.e. don't need to be equipped).
  • 13% for Bandos platebody OR Torva platebody
  • 13% for Bandos tassets OR Torva platebody
  • 15% for Amulet of torture OR 6% Amulet of fury
  • 15% for Primordial boots OR 6% Dragon boots
  • 15% for Infernal cape OR 6% Fire cape
  • 11% for Dragon claws
  • 15% for Abyssal whip
  • 15% for Dragon defender

Hybrid Monsters

To kill any of the hybrid monsters, use the /k command. Each monster requires both ingredients and when killed, will give a various number of one ingredient that was used. Each hybrid monster may drop a specific type of satchel and all have a 1/10 chance to drop the Tea flask.
E.g. /k name:Unicow