Construction Training

Fastest Route to 99:

/build name:Crude wooden chair quantity:5 /build name:Wooden bookcase quantity:7 /build name:Wooden larder quantity:7 /build name:Repair bench quantity:3 /build name:Crafting table 1 quantity:12 /build name:Oak dining table quantity:39 /build name:Carved oak table quantity:10 /build name:Oak larder quantity:220 /build name:Mahogany table

Materials Needed: 94 Plank 2030 Oak plank 92,220 Mahogany plank

Mahogany Homes

A much cheaper alternative, especially for ironmen, is Mahogany Homes. This will automatically choose the highest tier contract you have the level for, and gives much more xp per plank, at the cost of lower xp/hr. Doing expert contracts (70+ Construction) provides roughly 180k xp/hr and gives approximately 390 xp per Mahogany plank used, which means 99 Con would take about 30-35k planks instead of 92k. There are two commands associated with Mahogany Homes:

/minigames mahogany_homes start

/minigames mahogany_homes buy

See the Mahogany Homes minigame page for a full breakdown of the activity.

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