Hunter Training

Fastest Route to 99:

Full graceful provides a 5% boost to all hunter creatures, except birdhouses where it gives a 10% boost. It can be equipped in any setup!

Passive XP + seeds

You can set birdhouse traps to collect various seeds, rings, and eggs. This can be done every 50 minutes which provides excellent xp. See the Birdhouses page for more info.

Optimal route for EHP hunter & fishing

/activities aerial_fishing (from 35 hunter and 43 fishing)

Optimal route for active hunter XP

Numbers may not be accurate if you're unlucky with RNG /hunt name:Polar kebbit quantity:23 (to 7+) /hunt name:Feldip weasel (to 16+) /hunt name:Ruby harvest (to 25+) (hunt 20 more if needed) /hunt name:Sapphire glacialis quantity:200 (to 29+) /hunt name:Swamp lizard (to 43) /hunt name:Spotted kebbit (to 57) /hunt name:Dark kebbit (to 60) /hunt name:Red salamander (to 67) /hunt name:Black salamander (to 73) /hunt name:Black chinchompa (to 99)

Additional Information:

If you wish to avoid using brews/restores/gear, you can alternatively do Red Chinchompas starting at 63.

Herbiboar is an option at 80 Hunter/31 Herblore, with rates up to 160k xp/hr with staminas, ~125k without.

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