Use your mining, smithing, fishing, and combat skills to collect all barronite and ancient items, as well as the imcando hammer. You can also face the mighty camdozaal creatures for items as well. Throughout all activites in Camdozaal, you will obtain Barronite shards which are used to create the Barronite mace and Imcando hammer.

To start a trip in Camdozaal, use

  • /activities camdozaal action:


  • 17 Quest points

  • 14 Mining (only for the mining activity)

  • 14 Smithing (only for the smithing activity)

  • 7 Fishing (only for the fishing activity)



The mining section involves your minion simply gathering Barronite shards and Barronite deposits. The Barronite deposits are used in the smithing section of the activity. There are no collection log items obtained strictly from mining. You can receive the Rock golem pet from this activity.


The smithing section involves your minion using the Barronite deposits obtained from mining. There are a number of collection log items you can obtain from this section. They are:


The fishing section involves your minion catching various fish. There is one item for the collection log that can be found here, which is:


The combat section involves your minion killing various monsters located within Camdozaal. There is one item for the collection log that can be found here, which is:

  • 1/800 from Flawed golem

  • 1/500 from Mind golem

  • 1/250 from Body golem

  • 1/150 from Chaos golem

This hammer is received in a broken status when acquired from Barronite deposits while smithing. It requires 1,500 Barronite shards to be fixed. To create the fixed version, simply use:

  • /create item:Imcando hammer

The hammer serves no purpose in the bot, it is simply a collection log slot.

The mace is made up of 3 individual pieces, acquired from all sections of Camdozaal. It requires 1,500 Barronite shards to be created. To create the mace, simply use:

  • /create item: Barronite mace

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