Firemaking Training

Fastest Route to 99:

/light name:Logs quantity:61 /light name:Oak logs quantity:183 /light name:Willow logs quantity:101 /light name:Teak logs quantity:751 /k name: Wintertodt to 99 (will require 4 pieces of warm clothing and some food) It's a good idea to get at least 30 Construction and Woodcutting before starting Wintertodt to maximize the xp you get in those skills as well.

Additional Information:

Food is easily obtainable with 65 Attack+Strength using /buy name: potato with cheese (650gp each).

Pyromancer outfit gives 2.5% xp boost and counts as warm clothes when equipped.

Burning Magic or Redwood logs is faster xp than Wintertodt but are harder to come by.

High Woodcutting levels will provide a boost for Wintertodt so if you want both 99s it's recommended to get ~95 Woodcutting before starting.

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