The Inferno is a very high level PVM activity. It has high gear requirements, consumes large amounts of expensive supplies, and attempts can take upwards of 2 hours.

Similar to the Fight Caves, you are not guaranteed to complete The Inferno. Your success chance scales on your gear, number of attempts, and number of Zuk fights.

At the end of The Inferno, you are rewarded with an Infernal Cape. This is the best in slot melee cape in most situations. You also have a chance at getting the Inferno's pet, Jal-nib-rek upon completion, and when gambling Infernal capes.

Tokkul can be spent at the Tokkul shop.

There is also a 1/1,000 chance at receiving the following message if you have made it to Zuk at least once, but never completed the inferno.

  • "You made it to TzKal-Zuk X times, but never killed him, maybe just buy the cape JalYt?"


To begin a trip into the inferno, use:

  • /activities inferno action: Start Inferno Trip

To view information on your previous attempts/KCs, use:

  • /activities inferno action: Check Inferno Stats

To gamble a cape for a chance at the Jal-nib-rek pet, use:

  • /gamble cape type: infernal


You must have sacrificed 1 Fire cape in order to access the Inferno - /sacrifice 1 fire cape

92 Defence, 94 Magic, 92 Hitpoints, 92 Ranged, and 77 Prayer

8 Saradomin brews, 12 Super restores, 1 Stamina potion, and 1 Ranging potion per attempt

Rune pouch OR Divine rune pouch

>100 Magic attack

>150 Ranged attack

Toxic blowpipe with Adamant darts or better (uses 300 darts/hour)

  • To learn how to create and load the blowpipe, click here.

Twisted bow or Armadyl crossbow with ammo based on the weapon you're using (arrows for Twisted bow, bolts for ACB) (uses 150 ammo/hour)

Runes for Ice barrage + Blood barrage (200 casts of blood barrage/hour and 100 casts of ice barrage/hour. Rune costs are reduced by having a Kodai wand equipped in your mage setup.)


Boosts for the Inferno are split into two categories: speed and death chance. Speed boosts decrease the time required to complete the Inferno, and death chance boosts decrease your odds of dying before or during the Zuk fight.

Unlike most other bosses, required items and boost items must be equipped in the relevant setups. The Toxic blowpipe is an exception from this rule, as it will work from your bank.

Boosts that are listed as negative (e.g. -4.5% for Adamant darts/-4% for Ring of suffering (i) are good. The - means they are either reducing the time required or your death chance. Positive numbers do the opposite, increasing your time or increasing your death chance.


Higher tier darts (-Adamant: -4.5%, Rune: -5.4%, Amethyst: -6.3%, Dragon: -7.2%)

Twisted bow: (-7.5%) (ACB increases time by 4.5%)

Unlocking Rigour and/or Augury (unlocked with /minion use dexterous/arcane prayer scroll, -4% for each)

Being on task with an Imbued slayer helm/Black mask (requires a Tzhaar task and 1 Inferno KC, -9%)

Equipping a Masori body (f) & chaps (f) in your range setup (-5%)

Equipping Ancestral robe top & bottom in your mage setup (-4%)

Death Chance

Equipping an Elysian spirit shield in either range or mage (-5%)

Equipping a Ring of suffering (i) in either range or mage (-4%)

Equipping a Justiciar faceguard in range (-5%) Equipping a Twisted bow in your range setup (instead of an ACB) (1.5% from Tbow VS 7.5% with ACB)

The number of attempts you've done, and the number of times you've fought Zuk greatly affect speed and death chance.


Using this gear, along with dragon darts in your blowpipe, will give the maximum bonus for Inferno.

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