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Stash Units

You can create clue stash units to store emote clue items in. At this stage, the stash units are not utilised for clues but there are plans for this in the near future.


To create a stash space, use the following command:
  • /tools stash_units build_all
To fill and unfill items from stash spaces, use the following commands:
  • /tools stash_units fill_all
  • /tools stash_units unfill unit: [unitName or ID#]
To view which stash units are filled or unfill, use the following commands:
  • /tools stash_units view - Gives an overview of all your built and filled units
  • /tools stash_units view unit: [unitName or ID#]
  • /tools stash_units view not_filled: true/false

Requirements & Materials

All stash units are built only using 10 bronze nails.
You need 64 Planks, 44 Oak planks, 30 Teak planks, 76 Mahogany planks, 21 Gold leaves, and 1,070 Bronze nails to make all available stash units.
Stash Tier (# of Units)
Req. Construction Level
Materials Per Unit
Beginner (3)
2 Planks
Easy (29)
2 Planks
Medium (22)
2 Oak planks
Hard (15)
2 Teak planks
Elite (17)
2 Mahogany planks
Master (21)
2 Mahogany planks 1 Gold leaf

List of All Stash Units

Any item marked in yellow can be bought using /buy
Buyables for STASH Units
All of the following items need to bought in order to obtain them for stash units.
  • Red cape - 100k - /buy name: Red cape
  • Black cape - 100k - /buy name: Black cape
  • Desert shirt - 1m - /buy name: Desert Outfit
  • Green boots - 100k - /buy name: Green boots
  • Green hat - 100k - /buy name: Green hat
  • Green robe top - 100k - /buy name: Green robe top
  • Green robe bottoms - 100k - /buy name: Green robe bottoms
  • Cream robe top - 100k - /buy name: Cream robe top
  • Purple gloves - 100k - /buy name: Purple gloves
  • Pink robe top - 100k - /buy name: Pink robe top
  • Blue robe top - 100k - /buy name: Blue robe top
  • Blue boots - 100k - /buy name: Blue boots
  • Turquoise robe bottoms - 100k - /buy name: Turquoise robe bottoms
  • Team cape - 1k - /buy name: Team-1 cape
  • Bone dagger - 2.5k - /buy name: Bone dagger
  • Bone spear - 1k - /buy name: Bone spear
  • Brown apron - 1k - /buy name: Brown apron
  • White apron - 1k - /buy name: White apron
  • Elemental shield - 2.5m - /buy name: Elemental shield
  • Mind shield - 100k - /buy name: Mind shield
  • Adamant halberd - 100k - /buy name: Adamant halberd
  • Mystic hat - 15k - /buy name: Mystic hat
  • Mystic robe top - 120k - /buy name: Mystic robe top
  • Mystic robe bottom - 80k - /buy name: Mystic robe bottom
  • Mystic gloves - 10k - /buy name: Mystic gloves
  • Rolling pin - 1k - /buy name: Rolling pin
  • Barrows gloves - 1m - /buy name: Barrows gloves
  • Climbing boots - 100k - /buy name: Climbing boots
  • Helm of Neitiznot - 500k - /buy name: Helm of neitiznot
  • Cape of legends - 250k - /buy name: Cape of legends
  • Proselyte hauberk - 500k - /buy name: Proselyte outfit
  • Pirate bandana - 2k - /buy name: Pirate bandana (red)
  • Crystal bow - 900k - /buy name: Crystal bow
  • Shadow sword - 10k - /buy name: Shadow sword
  • Iban's staff - 300k - /buy name: Iban's staff
  • Menaphite purple hat - 5k - /buy name: Menaphite purple outfit
  • Bull roarer - 1k - /buy name: Bull roarer
Beginner (1-3)
Easy (4-32)
Medium (33-55)
Hard (56-70)
Elite (71-87)
Master (88-109)
ID Number - Unit Name
Items Needed
1 - Gypsy Aris's tent
Gold ring
Gold necklace
2 - Bob's Brilliant Axes in Lumbridge
Leather boots
Bronze axe
3 - Iffie Nitter in Varrock
Chef's hat
Red cape
ID Number - Unit Name
Items Needed
4 - Near a shed in Lumbridge Swamp (entrance to Zanaris)
Bronze dagger
Iron full helm
Gold ring
5 - Draynor Village market (next to a bench)
Studded chaps
Iron kiteshield
Steel longsword
6 - Outside the Legends' Guild gates (east)
Iron platelegs
Emerald amulet
Oak longbow
7 - Near the Entrana ferry in Port Sarim
Steel plateskirt
Sapphire necklace
8 - Draynor Manor by the fountain (south)
Iron platebody
Studded chaps
Bronze full helm
9 - Crossroads north of Draynor Village
Iron chainbody
Sapphire ring
10 - Varrock Palace Library (in the south-east corner)
Green robe top
Ham robe
Iron warhammer
11 - Outside the Falador Party Room entrance
Steel full helm
Steel platebody
Iron plateskirt
12 - Catherby beehive field
Desert shirt
Green robe bottoms
Steel axe
13 - Road junction north of Rimmington
Green hat
Cream robe top
Leather chaps
14 - Outside Keep Le Faye (west of the entrance, north of Legends' Guild)
Iron platebody
Leather gloves
15 - Outside the Digsite Exam Centre (next to the urn)
White apron
Green boots
Leather gloves
16 - Mubariz's room at the Emir's Arena (inside the ticket office, west of the arena)
Iron chainbody
Leather chaps
17 - Near Herquin's Gems shop in Falador (outside)
Mithril pickaxe
Black platebody
Iron kiteshield
18 - Aubury's shop in Varrock (inside)
Air tiara
Staff of water
19 - On the bridge to the Misthalin Wizards' Tower
Iron med helm
Emerald ring
White apron
20 - Limestone mine (Silvarea mine, east of the Lumber Yard)
Bronze platelegs
Steel pickaxe
Steel med helm
21 - Mudskipper Point (south-west of the fairy ring AIQ)
Black cape
Leather chaps
Steel mace
22 - Al Kharid scorpion mine
Desert shirt
Leather gloves
Leather boots
23 - Wheat field near the Lumbridge windmill
Blue robe top
Turquoise robe bottoms
Oak shortbow
24 - Rimmington mine (centre)
Gold necklace
Gold ring
Bronze spear
25 - Upstairs in Ardougne windmill
Blue robe top
Ham robe
26 - Taverley Stone Circle
Blue wizard hat
Bronze 2h sword
Ham boots
27 - Near the parrots in Ardougne Zoo (near Parroty Pete)
Studded body
Bronze platelegs
28 - Outside the Fishing Guild entrance
Emerald ring
Sapphire amulet
Bronze chainbody
29 - Road junction south of Sinclair Mansion
Leather cowl
Iron scimitar
Blue wizard robe
30 - Near the Sawmill operator's booth
Hardleather body
Leather chaps
Bronze axe
31 - Outside Varrock Palace courtyard (next to the entrance)
Black axe
Ruby ring
32 - South of the Grand Exchange
Pink skirt
Pink robe top
Body tiara
ID Number - Unit Name
Items Needed
33 - Centre of Canifis
Green robe top
Mithril platelegs
Iron 2h sword
34 - East of Barbarian Village bridge
Purple gloves
Steel kiteshield
Mithril full helm
35 - Castle Wars bank
Ruby amulet
Mithril scimitar
Any Team cape
36 - Gnome Stronghold balancing rope
Steel kiteshield
Green d'hide chaps
Ring of forging
37 - Observatory
Mithril chainbody
Green d'hide chaps
Ruby amulet
38 - Digsite
Green hat
Snakeskin boots
Iron pickaxe
39 - Shantay Pass (CANNOT BE MADE)
Bruise blue snelm (pointed)
Staff of air
Bronze sq shield
40 - Outside Catherby bank
Maple longbow
Green d'hide chaps
Iron med helm
41 - Outside Harry's Fishing Shop in Catherby
Adamant sq shield
Bone dagger
Mithril platebody
42 - North of Evil Dave's house in Edgeville
Brown apron
Leather boots
Leather gloves
43 - Entrance of the Arceuus library
Blue d'hide vambraces
Adamant boots
Adamant dagger
44 - North of Mount Karuulm
Adamant warhammer
Mithril boots
Ring of life
45 - Mausoleum off the Morytania coast
Mithril plateskirt
Maple longbow
46 - South of the shrine in Tai Bwo Wannai Village
Green d'hide chaps
Ring of dueling (8)
Mithril med helm
47 - Barbarian Outpost obstacle course (centre)
Steel platebody
Maple shortbow
Any Team cape
48 - Outside Yanille bank (by the entrance to the Wizards' Guild)
Brown apron
Adamant med helm
Snakeskin chaps
49 - Ogre cage in the Ardougne Training Camp
Green d'hide body
Green d'hide chaps
Steel sq shield
50 - Hickton's Archery Emporium
Blue boots
Hardleather body
Silver sickle
51 - Lumbridge Swamp Caves
Staff of air
Bronze full helm
Amulet of power
52 - Outside the Seers' Village courthouse
Adamant halberd
Mystic robe bottom
Diamond ring
53 - TzHaar weapons store
Steel longsword
Blue d'hide body
Mystic gloves
54 - North of the Shayzien Combat Ring
Adamant platebody
Adamant full helm
Adamant platelegs
55 - Outside Draynor Village jail
Adamant sword
Sapphire amulet
Adamant plateskirt
ID Number - Unit Name
Items Needed
56 - Chaos Temple in the south-eastern Wilderness
Rune platelegs
Iron platebody
Blue d'hide vambraces
57 - Top floor of the Lighthouse
Blue d'hide body
Blue d'hide vambraces
58 - Noterazzo's shop in the Wilderness
Adamant sq shield
Blue d'hide vambraces
Rune pickaxe
59 - Mountain Camp goat enclosure
Rune full helm
Blue d'hide chaps
Fire battlestaff
60 - Shilo Village bank
Mystic hat
Bone spear
Rune platebody
61 - North-east corner of the Kharazi Jungle
Any Rune heraldic shield
Any Stole
62 - In the middle of Jiggig
Rune spear
Rune platelegs
Any Rune heraldic helm
63 - Hosidius Mess (inside, north-east corner)
Rune halberd
Rune platebody
Amulet of strength
64 - Fishing Guild bank
Elemental shield
Blue d'hide chaps
Rune warhammer
65 - Outside the great pyramid of Sophanem
Ring of life
Amulet of glory
Adamant 2h sword
66 - West side of the Karamja banana plantation
Diamond ring
Amulet of power
67 - Gnome Glider on White Wolf Mountain
Mithril platelegs
Ring of life
Rune axe
68 - Inside the Digsite Exam Centre
Mystic fire staff
Diamond bracelet
Rune boots
69 - Volcano in the north-eastern Wilderness
Any Headband
Any Crozier
70 - Agility Pyramid
Mystic robe top
Any Rune heraldic shield
ID Number - Unit Name
Items Needed
71 - Chapel in West Ardougne (inside)
Dragon spear
Red d'hide chaps
72 - Near a ladder in the Wilderness Lava Maze
Black d'hide chaps
Spotted cape
Rolling pin
73 - Warriors' Guild bank
Black salamander
74 - South-east corner of the Fishing Platform
Barrows gloves
Dragon med helm
Amulet of glory
75 - On top of Trollheim Mountain
Lava battlestaff
Black d'hide vambraces
Mind shield
76 - Entrance of the cavern under the whirlpool
Granite shield
Splitbark body
Any Rune heraldic helm
77 - Shayzien War Tent
Mystic robe bottom
Rune kiteshield
Any Bob's shirts
78 - Near the gem stall in Ardougne Market
Castle wars bracelet(3)
Dragonstone amulet
Ring of forging
79 - Near the Charcoal furnace south of Hosidius
Farmer's strawhat
Shayzien body (5)
Pyromancer robe
80 - Near a runite rock in the Fremennik Isles
Rune boots
Proselyte hauberk
Dragonstone ring
81 - Entrance of the cave of Damis
Rune crossbow
Climbing boots
Any Mitre
82 - South-east corner of the Monastery
Any God book
83 - Outside the Slayer Tower gargoyle room
Combat bracelet
Helm of neitiznot
84 - Fountain of Heroes
Splitbark legs
Dragon boots
Rune longsword
85 - Half-way down Trollweiss Mountain (Trollweiss flowers after sledding down)
Blue d'hide vambraces
Dragon spear
Rune plateskirt
86 - Outside the Legends' Guild door (west of the fountain)
Cape of legends
Dragon battleaxe
Amulet of glory
87 - Outside the bar by the Fight Arena
Any Pirate bandana
Dragon necklace
Magic longbow
ID Number - Unit Name
Items Needed
88 - South-east corner of Lava Dragon Isle
Dragon med helm
Rune platebody
Brine sabre
Amulet of glory
89 - Barrows chest
Any complete Barrows set
90 - On top of the Northern wall of Castle Drakan
Any Boater
Splitbark body
Dragon sq shield
91 - Soul Altar
Dragon pickaxe
Helm of neitiznot
Rune boots
92 - Entrana Chapel
Black d'hide body
Black d'hide chaps
Black d'hide vambraces
93 - Tent in Lord Iorwerth's encampment
Crystal bow
94 - Centre of the Catacombs of Kourend
Amulet of the damned
95 - Outside K'ril Tsutsaroth's room
Zamorak full helm
Shadow sword
96 - Outside the Wilderness axe hut
Flared trousers
97 - Death Altar (north-east corner)
Death tiara
Cape of legends
Ring of wealth
98 - North-western corner of the Enchanted Valley
Dragon axe
99 - Near the pier in Zul-Andra (next to a tree)
Dragon 2h sword
Bandos boots
Obsidian cape
100 - Well of Voyage
Iban's staff
Mystic robe top (dark)
Mystic robe bottom (dark)
101 - 7th Chamber of Jalsavrah (Pyramid Plunder)
Pharaoh's sceptre
Menaphite purple hat
Menaphite purple top
Menaphite purple robe
102 - Warriors' Guild bank
Dragon battleaxe
Dragon defender
Slayer helmet
103 - TzHaar gem store
Fire cape
104 - Outside the Mudknuckles' hut
Bandos platebody
Bandos cloak
Bandos godsword
105 - King Black Dragon's lair
Black d'hide body
Black d'hide vambraces
Black dragon mask
106 - By the bear cage in Varrock Palace gardens
Zamorak godsword
107 - Top floor of the Yanille Watchtower
Bull roarer
Dragon plateskirt
Climbing boots
Dragon chainbody
108 - Behind Miss Schism in Draynor Village
Abyssal whip
Cape of legends
Spined chaps
109 - North of Prifddinas by several maple trees (CANNOT BE MADE)
Bryophyta's staff
Nature tiara