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Theatre of Blood (ToB)

The Theatre Of Blood is a high-level raid you can do for some good loot. You get faster, and better, at ToB after more attempts and KC.
You can do the Theatre of Blood using /raid tob start
You can specify a maximum number of people to join the raid using /raid tob start max_team_size:
To start a hard mode tob raid, use /raid tob start hard_mode: true
You can see your KC, attempts and death chances using /raid tob stats
You can find a team to do ToB in the official server at discord.gg/ob


  • 90 Attack/Strength/Defence/Range, 94 Magic, 77 Prayer
  • Your best melee/mage gear equipped, and range gear (void highly recommended).
  • Enough GP to pay 100k if you die
  • Rune pouch
  • An Abyssal tentacle, Blade of saeldor(c) or Scythe of Vitur, and Fire or Infernal cape, in melee gear.
  • A charged/loaded Toxic blowpipe in your bank, with good darts
  • A magic shortbow or twisted bow in your range gear, with amethyst/rune/dragon arrows.
  • At least 250 KC and an Infernal cape for Hard mode
  • At least 150 KC before doing duos
  • Super combat potions, ranging potions, brews, restores, blood runes, death runes, water rune
  • Karambwans if you're less than 20 kc
  • 20+ HP healing food (e.g. sharks) (more if less than 20 kc)
  • Vials of blood and extra blood runes if using Scythe


This is the best-in-slot gear you can wear - only needed until you reach 95.3% boost score.
ToB Best-in-slot Melee Gear
ToB Best-in-slot Range Gear
ToB Best-in-slot Mage Gear


Speed Boosts

There are no direct speed boosts, these items affect your boost score (see theory section).
  • Better darts directly affect your boost score rather than your gear score.
  • Having more attempts/KC
  • Scythe > Blade > Tentacle (in melee outfit)
  • Twisted bow (in range outfit)
  • Dragon warhammer > Bandos godsword (in bank)
  • Penalty for not having elite void, bigger penalty for not having normal void either.
  • Dragon claws > Crystal halberd (in bank)

Death Reduction

  • Having more attempts/KC
  • Having better gear

Blowpipe, Abyssal Tentacle, Sanguinesti staff and Scythe of Vitur

To charge your Blowpipe use:
  • /minion blowpipe add:100 dragon dart, 1000 zulrah's scales
To create or charge an Abyssal tentacle use:
  • /create item: Abyssal tentacle
  • /minion charge item: Abyssal tentacle amount: 1
To charge your Sanguinesti Staff use:
  • /minion charge item: Sanguinesti staff amount: 10000
The Scythe isn't charged. It is created from an uncharged scythe with /create item:Scythe of vitur and uses blood runes/vials of blood as you use it.