Theatre of Blood (ToB)

Getting Started

The Theatre of Blood is a high-level raid you can do for some top-tier weapons and armour. You get faster, and better, at ToB after more attempts and KC.

You can do the Theatre of Blood using /raid tob start

You can specify a maximum number of people to join the raid using /raid tob start max_team_size:

To start a hard mode tob raid, use /raid tob start hard_mode: true

You can see your KC, attempts and death chances using /raid tob stats

You can find a team to do ToB in the official server at


  • 90 Attack/Strength/Defence/Range, 94 Magic, 77 Prayer

  • High level equipment equipped in Melee/Mage/Range (see ToB Gear Setups)

  • At least 100k gp for potential deaths

  • Rune pouch OR Divine rune pouch

  • An Abyssal tentacle*, Blade of saeldor(c) or Scythe of vitur*, and Fire or Infernal cape, in melee gear.

  • A charged/loaded Toxic blowpipe in your bank, with good darts

  • A magic shortbow or twisted bow in your range gear, with amethyst/rune/dragon arrows.

  • At least 250 KC and an Infernal cape for Hard mode

  • At least 150 KC before doing duos

  • Super combat potions, ranging potions, brews, restores, blood runes, death runes, water rune

  • 3 Karambwans per kc, if you're less than 20kc

  • 20+ HP healing food (e.g. sharks) (more if less than 20 kc)

* - These items need to be charged. An uncharged scythe will still suffice, however, will only provide a 6% boost compared to the 15% the charged version gives. View charging items here.


Speed Boosts

There are no direct speed boosts, these items affect your boost score (see theory section).

  • Better darts directly affect your boost score rather than your gear score.

  • Having more attempts/KC

  • Scythe > Blade > Tentacle (in melee outfit)

  • Twisted bow (in range outfit)

  • Dragon warhammer > Bandos godsword (in bank)

  • Penalty for not having elite void, bigger penalty for not having normal void either.

  • Dragon claws > Crystal halberd (in bank)

Death Reduction

  • Having more attempts/KC

  • Having better gear

Hard Mode

Before you can start hard mode, you will need to complete at least 250 regular mode. Hard mode is much the same as normal mode. Previously, the boost max score was above 100% but is now capped at 100% in line with normal mode.

For Hard mode, the entire team must have 100% boost score to achieve the fastest times. You can use rune arrows whilst maintaining 100% boost score (99.5% gear score), however, dragon darts must be used for 100% boost regardless of arrows.


ToB hard mode offers a few extra uniques on top of the regular weapons and armour, these being ornament kits for the Scythe and Sang staff, and the Sanguine dust for pet transmogs (see below).

There are no requirements to roll on the kit/dust table, however, they are all on the same table, so you can only receive one of the three items at a time. Their drop rates are:

  • Holy ornament kit - 1/100

  • Sanguine ornament kit - 1/150

  • Sanguine dust - 1/275

Additionally, the chance at rolling a purple is also slightly increased in hard mode. For a deathless raid, your team will have a 13% (1/7.7) chance at rolling a purple, compared to a normal mode at 11% (1/9.1) chance.

Pet Transmogs

There are 5 ToB pet transmogs you can collect, however, they are not listed in any official collection log. They are called:

  • Lil' maiden

  • Lil' bloat

  • Lil' nylo

  • Lil' sot

  • Lil' xarp

There are currently 2 ways to obtain the ToB pet transmogs. They are:

  • 1/30 chance from hard mode, when you already have Lil' zik and the Sanguine dust in your CL

  • Using a Sanguine dust to manually change your Lil' zik

The base chance at rolling Lil' zik is 1/650 from regular ToB and 1/500 from hard mode. The base chance at rolling Sanguine dust is 1/275 from hard mode only. However, you do not need to hit the 1/500, nor the 1/275 again for a pet transmog. You only need to hit the 1/30 chance after already receiving both Lil' zik and the Sanguine dust. If you do hit the 1/30 after meeting these conditions, you will receive a random Lil' zik transmog that you don't already own.

Additionally, if you manage to obtain an extra Sanguine dust before rolling a pet transmog, you can simply use /create item: to manually create any of the 5 transmogs. This will consume 1 Sanguine dust and cannot be reverted.

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