ToB Theory

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This only applies to normal TOB. See ToB Gear Setups for hard mode.

The exception to this is that you cannot go below 80% total gear score or 75% in a specific setup otherwise you will face huge penalties.

To achieve the fastest raid times everyone in your team must have an average boost score of at least 95.3%. For example in a trio, the total boost score for the maximum time reduction would be 285.9 (95.3 * 3). This means that two people with 100% boost score and one with 85.9% would average out to 95.3, providing the maximum time reduction.

As you get higher KC this means that you can start to downgrade gear without any penalties. For example you can downgrade to adamant darts and rune arrows with no penalty, providing your team stays over the 95.3% average.

If you plan to raid for a long period of time and your team averages over 95.3%, it is highly recommended that you start to downgrade your gear. Downgrade Scythe of Vitur to Blade of saeldor(c) or a tentacle whip (bear in mind this uses charges), arrows to rune and darts to adamant. If you have max gear in everything else this should give you a gear score of 99.5%.

Gear scores are always rounded up to the nearest whole number, i.e. 99.1% would be rounded to 100%. This means that the previously mentioned gear score of 99.5% provides no loss of boost score. Darts affect the boost score directly, but arrows only affect the gear score, this means if you have a gear score of 99.6% or higher you can safely downgrade dragon arrows to rune arrows. As mentioned previously, you can go below 99.1% gear score providing your teams average boost score stays above 95.3%.

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