Tears of Guthix

You can gain a small amount of xp through the Tears of Guthix minigame. Like the real game, you can only use this command once per week and all xp will go to your lowest skill. It can be helpful to set a reminder using .rmm 7d tog (requires Skyra bot in your server) to maximise ToG usage.

To start a round of Tears of Guthix, type /minigames tears_of_guthix start


  • 43 Quest points

  • 49 Firemaking

  • 20 Crafting

  • 20 Mining

Ironmen also require ONE of the following:

  • 49 Smithing (Ironman only)

  • 36 Thieving (Ironman only)

  • 35 Slayer (Ironman only)


  • 10% extra XP for completion of Lumbridge & Draynor Hard diary


You will gain roughly the same amount of xp as you would in-game, which is heavily dependent on the amount of quest points you have. For reference, if your lowest skill is over 30, you will gain 60xp per tear collected.

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