Drift Net Fishing

The drift net activity is an efficient method for training fishing and hunter simultaneously. You can expect to see around 100k hunter and 75k fishing xp/h at lower levels. This can increase up to 135k hunter and 100k fishing xp/h at higher levels. Please be mindful of decent up and down variations in xp/h (around 10-15k).

To start drift net fishing, use the following command:

/activities driftnet_fishing minutes: X

  • Minutes refers to how long you want your trip, less time means less nets required.


  • Level 44 Hunter

  • Level 47 Fishing

  • Graceful top/legs/gloves (equipped in any setup)

  • Merfolk trident OR Uncharged trident (equipped in any setup)

  • 30+ Drift nets (requires 26 crafting)

    • Created with Jute fibres and command: /craft name: Drift net


  • 6% for Ring of endurance - both versions work (works from bank)

  • 30% for Stamina potion(4) - MUST be 4-dose

    • You can specify to not use stamina potions at the cost of the boost - no_stams:true

  • -50% boost for not wearing Flippers (equipped in any setup)


  • Various raw fish, higher tier fish for higher fishing levels:

    • 50 fishing - Raw lobster

    • 60 fishing - Raw swordfish

    • 70 fishing - Raw shark

    • 80 fishing - Raw sea turtle

    • 90 fishing - Raw manta ray

  • Medium clues scrolls

  • Unidentified fossils of any tier

  • You CANNOT obtain the fishing pet from this activity

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