Music Cape

The music cape acts as a sort of completionist cape, requiring a vast amount of content to be completed before you are able to aquire it. The music cape currently provides a 5% boost to master clues.

To buy the music cape, simply use:

  • /buy name: Music cape

  • /buy name: Music cape(t)

In order to buy the trimmed music cape, one must complete all regular tasks, along with the following extras:

  • Maximum QP - 308

  • All elite achievement diaries completed



Extra Info


75 Slayer

70 Hitpoints

70 Agility

65 Farming

65 Thieving

50 Mining

50 Firemaking

35 Fishing

33 Magic

You also need 95 Runecrafting for the wrath rune requirement

CL Slots Filled

Dark totem Mossy key Hespori seed Fire cape Raw monkfish Brittle key Revenant ether

Kc Requirements

Mimic Hespori Bryophyta Jad Skotizo All GWD bosses Nex Cerberus Giant mole Jogre Abbysal sire Alchemical hydra King black dragon Corp Vorkath Scorpia Zalcano Kraken Dagannoth prime Black demon Hellhound Blue dragon Barrows

At least 1kc for all listed


At least 1kc in all minigames

Minigames not required: - Corrupted gauntlet - Raids challenge mode - Tob hard mode - Tithe farm - Champions challenge


At least 1kc in all activities

Activities not required: - Easter event - Halloween event - Birthday event - Group monster killing

Misc Activities

Stronghold of Security Cutting leaping fish

/activities other activity:Stronghold of Security /cook name: Leaping sturgeon quantity: 1

Quest Points


Mage Arena

Completion of Mage Arena 1

Sacrificed Items

Fire cape

/sacrifice items:1 fire cape

Agility Laps

Seers' Village Rooftop Agility Pyramid

At least 1 lap of each


Air rune Water rune Earth rune Fire rune Mind rune Body rune Nature rune Chaos rune Cosmic rune Death rune Astral rune Wrath rune

At least 1 of all runes listed (Yes, you need 95rc to runecraft the wrath rune)

Slayer Tasks

20 slayer tasks

From any master

Random Events

Completion of any random event

You cannot manually do these, they are randomly completed upon any trip completion


Build 1 of any item within your POH

This is not a construction trip. You need to actually build a tangible item for your house

Champion Scroll

Any champion scroll in cl


750 Barronite shards in cl

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