Pest Control

Pest control is a minigame in which you can acquire commendation points to spend on XP and the void knight armour.

To start a game, use: /minigames pest_control start


  • Combat Level 40 (Novice Boat)

    • 3 points per game

  • Combat Level 70 (Intermediate Boat)

    • 4 points per game

  • Combat Level 100 (Veteran Boat)

    • 5 points per game

Note: Your minion will automatically use the highest boat it can. You cannot select a lower tier boat if you have access to a higher tier boat.


Items must be equipped in your MELEE gear setup for the boosts to apply.

  • 12% boost for Abyssal whip/tentacle OR 5% for Dragon claws

  • 6% boost for Fire cape/Infernal cape

  • 5% boost for Amulet of fury/torture

  • 4% boost for Barrows/Ferocious gloves

  • 1 extra point per game for completion of Easy combat achievments

  • 2 extra points per game for completion of Medium combat achievments

  • 3 extra points per game for completion of Hard combat achievments

Rewards (Equipment)

You can spend your Commendation Points with the following command:

  • /minigames pest_control buy name:

Reward Item

Point Cost

Void knight mace


Void knight top


Void knight robe


Void knight gloves


Void melee helm


Void mage helm


Void ranger helm


Void seal(8)


Elite void robe*


Elite void top*


* - Elite void requires completion of the Hard Western Provinces Diary.

Rewards (XP)

  • You can also spend your points on XP, exactly the same as in OSRS. However, you do not receive the extra XP when buying bulk amounts.

  • E.g. /minigames pest_control xp skill:attack amount:100

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