Tombs of Amascut (ToA)

Getting Started

There are a few things that need to be prefaced before you get started.

To view your current stats and raiding abilities use:

  • /raid toa help

To start a Tombs of Amascut raid, use:

  • /raid toa start raid_level:

Solo Tombs of Amascut requires 1 KC for every 10 levels of invocation. E.g. a 500 solo needs 50 kc


  • 90+ Attack/Strength/Defence/Ranged/Magic/Prayer

  • 10 Saradomin Brew(4), 5 Super Restore (4), 1 Ranging Potion(4), 1 Super Combat Potion(4), 1 Sanfew Serum(4). Sanfew Serum can be ignored by equipping a charged Serpentine helm

  • Zamorakian Hasta, Ghrazi Rapier, OR Osmumten's Fang in melee

  • Fire cape OR Infernal cape in melee

  • Twisted Bow OR Bow of Faedhinen (c) in range

    • Minimum of 150 arrows equipped if using Twisted bow.

  • Charged Blowpipe in bank

    • Minimum of 150 darts and 1,000 scales within Blowpipe.


At 250 kc you will have the minimum death chance possible. At 350 kc you will have the maximum speed boost possible.

Specific items will give a hidden speed boost to your raids, these are:

  • Twisted bow (4%) (Equipped in range)

  • Tumeken's shadow (25%) (Equipped in mage)

  • Bandos godsword (2%) (works from bank)

  • Lightbearer (5%) (works from bank)

  • Zaryte crossbow (9%) OR Dragon claws (6%) (works from bank)

View the best in slot and alternate gear setups for ToA here.

Choosing an Invocation level

There are 3 tiers of invocation levels. Entry, Normal, and Expert.

  • Entry: 1, 100

  • Normal: 150, 200

  • Expert: 300, 350, 400, 450, 500, 600

Higher levels will take longer but offer better chances at uniques.


Osmumten's Fang

  • When equipped in melee setup, provides the best melee boost to Expert ToA runs.


  • Provides an invisible 5% speed boost to your ToA trips. Does not need to be equipped.

Tumeken's Shadow

  • Can be charged with chaos and soul runes.

  • Provides a 25% speed boost to ToA when equipped in magic setup.

  • Requires 85 magic to equip.

  • /minion charge item: Tumeken's shadow amount: 100

Masori Armour

  • Can be combined with Armadylean plates to create the fortified version.

  • Requires 90 crafting to create and 80 range + 30 defence to equip.

  • /create item: Revert Armadyl [piece] quantity: 1

  • /create item: Masori [piece] (f) quantity: 1

Elidinis' Ward

  • Can be combined with the Arcane sigil to create the fortified version.

  • Costs 10,000 soul runes to fortify and requires 90 prayer + 90 smithing.

  • /create item: Revert Arcane spirit shield quantity: 1

  • /create item: Elidinis' ward (f) quantity: 1

Partisan Gems

  • Acquired in any order and can have multiple of 1 gem before obtaining the others.

  • Can be attached and detached from the regular Keris partisan.

  • Does not provide any boosts anywhere within the bot at this time.

  • /create item: Keris partisan of [type] quantity: 1

Ornament Kits

  • These can be obtained by completing a level 350, 425, and 500 invocation raid with no deaths.

  • They can be attached to their respective items to create (or) versions.

  • The fang (or) cannot be reverted, the assembler and ward can be reverted

Pet Transmogs

  • These are given at a 1/3 chance when the raid invo is 450 or higher, and there are no deaths.

  • You can use each remnant on Tumeken's guardian to transmog it.

  • When changing/reverting the transmog, you will receive the remnant back.

  • The names for each of the transmogs are:

    • Elidinis' damaged guardian

    • Tumeken's damaged guardian

    • Akkhito

    • Babi

    • Kephriti

    • Zebo

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