ToA Gear Setups

Preface Notes

  • Equipping the Serpentine helm in your melee setup removes the need for sanfews. It only sacrifices 0.4% of your gear score. It uses 600 charges/hour, which is significantly less compared to the cost of sanfews.

  • The type of arrows you use will have a minor effect on your gear score. You must use at least adamant arrows. It may be worth using rune arrows if you find yourself in short supply of dragon arrows.

  • The type of darts in your blowpipe do not effect your gear score. You must use at least adamant darts. It is not recommended to use dragon darts, purely from a cost point of view.

  • The Osmumten's fang is only BiS when doing Expert mode raids (300 or higher). If you are doing Entry or Normal modes, the Ghrazi rapier is BiS.

BiS Before ToA Upgrades:

  • The Sanguinesti staff can be used instead of the Kodai wand (same gear score).

BiS After ToA Upgrades

  • The following image is for Expert mode raids (300+).

  • For BiS in Entry mode (0-149) or Normal mode (150-299), equip a Ghrazi rapier in melee.

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