Bank Backgrounds
Overview of how to change your bank background and what is required to do so.

Bank Backgrounds

In order to change your bank background one of the first things you will need to do is start by going into the bot and typing /minion bankbg name: from there you will be presented with an in depth list of all the available backgrounds to you as either a non patron up to a T5 patron. As you go down the list of Bank backgrounds you will notice that some of them are exclusive to T3 through T5 patron or unavailable entirely, that list is as follows:

Available to Everyone

  • Default
  • Bandos (Requires completion of Bandos/Armadyl/Saradomin and Zamorak CLs + 1 of each Godsword + 100m)
  • Corporeal Beast (Requires 1 of Each item in the Corporeal Beast Collection Log in addition to 3 more Spirit shields and Holy Elixirs)
  • Casket (Requires in your Collection Log)
    • 1x Large Spade (500 Easy Clues completed)
    • 1x Clueless Scroll (400 Mediums completed)
    • 1x Heavy Casket (200 Elites completed)
    • 1x Scroll Sack (100 Masters completed)
  • Nightmare (Requires 1 of each item in the collection Log in addition to Slepey tablet and Parasitic Egg from Phosani's Nightmare)

Available to Patrons

  • Lumbridge (T3 or Higher)
  • Edgeville (T3 or Higher)
  • Dark (T3 or Higher)
  • Grass (T3 or Higher)
  • Wilderness (T3 or Higher)
  • Grand Exchange (T3 or Higher)
  • Falador Park (T3 or Higher)
  • Pets (T3 or Higher)
  • Transparent (T3 or Higher)
  • Smokey (T3 or Higher)
  • Nieve (T3 or Higher)
  • ToB (T3 or Higher)
  • Morytania (T4 or Higher)
  • Custom Backgrounds (T4 or Higher)
  • Barrows (T5)


  • Swampman (Unavailable)
  • Karamja (Unavailable)
  • CoX (Limited to Permanent Tier 1 Patrons)
  • OSB (Limited to Permanent Tier 1 Patrons)