The Nightmare

Nightmare of Ashihama


You can kill The Nightmare to receive the inquisitor's armour set, the inquisitor's mace, the nightmare staff, and the 3 orbs that can be combined with the nightmare staff (harmonised orb, eldritch orb, & volatile orb). Phosani's nightmare is also available to kill, which has it's own page here.

While killing The Nightmare, your minion has a chance to die. This chance is affected by your kc and gear. Your chance of death has a maximum of 90%, and a minimum of 2%.

You are able to send solo mass nightmare trips. The other party members are basically clones of your minion, so your boosts and penalties are mimicked to them. This also means that not all uniques will be in your name, as other members have the same chance at unique drops.

Type of Trip

To start a solo Nightmare trip, use:

  • /k name: Solo nightmare

To start a mass Nightmare trip, use:

  • /k name: Mass nightmare

To start a solo mass Nightmare trip, use:

  • /k name: Mass Nightmare solo: true

Boosts and Penalties

There are certain boosts and penalties given based on specific stats and gear. They are as follows:

Total KC

  • 0-9 - 15% speed penalty - In masses, having less than 10kc gives a 20% damage reduction.

  • 10-24 - 5% speed penalty

  • 25-49 - 2% speed penalty

  • 50-99 - 2% speed increase

  • 100+ - 4% speed increase

Crush Attack Stat

  • Less than 65 crush attack - 5% speed penalty

    • Essentially, any weapon weaker then a Zamorakian hasta will incur this penalty.

In masses, your damage output will be halved if you have lower than 65 crush attack.

In masses, your damage output will be doubled if using an inquisitors mace.

Melee Strength Bonus

  • Less than 40% of maximum strength bonus (<82) - 6% speed penalty

  • Between 40-49% of maximum strength bonus (83-102) - 3% speed penalty

  • Between 50-59% of maximum strength bonus (103-123) - 2% speed penalty

The maximum melee strength bonus is 204. Anything above 123 will not incur these penalties.

Inquisitor Items Equipped

  • Solos

    • 2% boost per piece (10% boost if all 4 items are equipped)

  • Masses

    • 0.5% boost per piece (3% boost if all 4 items are equipped)

Having an Elysian spirit shield equipped in your melee setup will also reduce food usage by 17.5%. However, this is outweighed by the food reduction of using an Elder maul or a Dragon defender.

Gear Setups

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