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The Nightmare

Nightmare of Ashihama


You can kill The Nightmare to receive the inquisitor's armour set, the inquisitor's mace, the nightmare staff, and the 3 orbs that can be combined with the nightmare staff (harmonised orb, eldritch orb, & volatile orb).
To start a solo Nightmare trip, use:
  • /k name: Solo nightmare
To start a mass Nightmare trip, use:
  • /k name: Mass nightmare
While killing The Nightmare, your minion has a chance to die. This chance is affected by your kc and gear. Your chance of death has a maximum of 90%, and a minimum of 2%.

Boosts and Penalties

There are certain boosts and penalties given based on specific stats and gear. They are as follows:

Total KC

  • 0-9 - 15% speed penalty - In masses, having less than 10kc gives a 20% damage reduction.
  • 10-24 - 5% speed penalty
  • 25-49 - 2% speed penalty
  • 50-99 - 2% speed increase
  • 100+ - 4% speed increase

Crush Attack Stat

  • Less than 65 crush attack - 5% speed penalty
    • Essentially, any weapon weaker then a Zamorakian hasta will incur this penalty.
NOTE: In masses, your damage output will be halved if you have lower than 65 crush attack.
NOTE: In masses, your damage output will be doubled if using an inquisitors mace.

Melee Strength Bonus

  • Less than 40% of maximum strength bonus (<82) - 6% speed penalty
  • Between 40-49% of maximum strength bonus (83-102) - 3% speed penalty
  • Between 50-59% of maximum strength bonus (103-123) - 2% speed penalty
The maximum melee strength bonus is 204. Anything above 123 will not incur these penalties.

Inquisitors Items

  • Solos
    • 2% boost per piece (10% boost if all 4 items are equipped)
  • Masses
    • 0.5% boost per piece (3% boost if all 4 items are equipped)
NOTE: Having an Elysian Spirit Shield equipped in your melee setup will also reduce food usage by 17.5%. However, this is outweighed by the food reduction of using an elder maul or a dragon defender.

Gear Setups

BIS setup with no inquisitor's pieces.
BIS setup with full inquisitor's.