Beginner Guide


This guide is meant for players just starting with OSB. It does not include optimal training methods for skills, and it does not include a comprehensive list of what you can do in OSB. For more information about the bot and its features, feel free to look at the rest of this wiki, or ask in the #help-and-support channel of the support server.

Part 1: Pre-PvM

Do agility until you have full graceful. (Can be obtained by using /create item:graceful, and costs 260 marks of grace. You can do agility by using the /laps name: [courseName] command. After getting full graceful, you can do the Hallowed Sepulchre in order to get a Strange Old Lockpick. This item is rarer than OSRS, but has unlimited charges and provides a boost to Barrows. Don't forget to do your daily every 12 hours /minion daily for some starter gp. Once you have full graceful, you should quest to at least 205 QP. You can quest with the /activities quest command. Since you will already have the maximum bonus for questing, there is little reason to not quest all the way to 290 QP right now, so consider doing that. After getting at least 175 QP, purchase at least 1 set of barrows gloves. (Ideally 3 sets.) With 205 QP you can access all bosses that the bot has to offer. If your minion is an ironman, you should do a small amount of fishing/cooking for some early game food. You won't need to get that much, as you should unlock better food sources fairly soon. Main accounts should purchase food from other players using the #grand-exchange channel for now.

Part 2: Early Upgrades

Equip the best slash attack gear you have in your melee setup. This can be done by using the following /gear equip gear_setup:Melee auto:attack_slash. Kill baby dragons (black/blue) with /k name:baby blue dragon until you have the bones for 43 prayer. Then use /offer name: Dragon bone to train the skill to 43. Once you have 43 prayer, do /minion train style:magic to begin gaining magic xp while doing combat, and then start doing barrows. Barrows is a useful early game boss as it doesn't require food, and has extremely useful uniques. If you have 300k gp to spare, consider buying an Ibans staff with /buy name:Iban's staff as it provides a boost to barrows. You can do as much, or as little as you want, although ironmen should consider completing the barrows log here, or at least obtaining all useful items. Train magic until you are at least level 55, and then feel free to change to any other attack style. If you are a main account, you can sell duplicate items in #grand-exchange or using the /sell command for some early gp. Spend this gp on potatoes with cheese, as well as a Bandos godsword, and other gear upgrades.

Post-Barrows Gear

This is the gear you should equip after finishing barrows. If you have other items that would fit in these setups, (dks rings, amulets of glory/fury, god books, ava's accumulator, mage arena cape, fire cape, etc.), feel free to equip those as well. This gear should be sufficient for you to kill monsters that use food without melting through it. (If you purchased a Bandos godsword earlier, equip it in your melee setup instead of a Dharok's greataxe)

Part 3: The Rest of the Game

With some basic equipment, easy access to food, and some mid-high combat stats, you can now do most things on the bot. Some monsters have item/stat requirements, all of which can be seen on the Boosts & Requirements page. This page also contains available boosts for different bosses. You can view the BiS gear for general bossing/PvM here. For some activities, like CoX and The Nightmare, you can look at their respective wiki pages for gear/stat recommendations. For information on the various skilling methods in the bot, take a look at their respective pages on this wiki.

If you have recommendations for changes to this guide, put them in the #wiki channel.

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