Gnome Restaurant

Gnome Restaurant is a solo minigame in which you can gain some fancy collectibles by delivering presents around the map. It's a fairly slow minigame, so, it is recommended that you have some of the boosts which will make things much smoother.

To start the minigame, use /minigames gnome_restaurant start


  • 5,000gp - required every trip

  • 5-6 Law runes - ONLY if you have 66 Magic or above.


If you have an eternal glory, you will never use amulet of glory (6). If you have a jewellery box in your POH, you won't consume jewellery.

Jewellery Items

The bot will randomly choose between a piece of jewellery to use every trip. If the bot chooses jewellery that you don't have, you won't get the 20% boost, even if you have the others.

Example: You only have a charged dueling ring and charged glory. The bot chooses to use a games necklace for this trip. You will not get the 20% boost.

What happens to my jewellery?

  • Ring of dueling - Consumed and not returned

  • Games necklace - Consumed and not returned

  • Amulet of glory - Returned with no charges (currently the only method to use up charges)

  • Amulet of eternal glory - Returned with no harm done

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