These are the rules of Old School Bot. Breaking these rules will get you banned (blacklisted) from the bot, or your bank/stats wiped.

1. Follow all of the Jagex/RuneScape rules and ToS. We strictly do not allow anyone breaking RuneScape rules, and will ban anyone doing so. 2. No botting/autotyping/macroing, this is also against Discord ToS. 3. No RWT. This includes ANYTHING related to RWT in the real osrs game, bot GP, or real money. You cannot buy/sell anything from OSRS and/or the bot for real money. 4. No alt accounts, you are only permitted to use the bot on 1 account per person, unless its an ironman. 5. No Exploitation of bugs to gain items/GP in an unintended way, and report any bugs of this nature ASAP. 6. No using the bot on shared accounts. You can only use the bot on YOUR accounts, not accounts which are shared or not yours.
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