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Combat Training
Overview of how to train Magic, Range, Attack, Strength, Defence, and Hitpoints through PvM
While strength can be leveled through barbarian fishing and magic has various non-combat applications, PvM is a more efficient and profitable way to level up your combat stats.
By using the +m train command, you can select which style of combat you would like to level.
  • +m train attack/strength/defence
  • +m train shared - provides equally split xp to all 3 melee styles
  • +m train ranged
  • +m train ranged defence - trains ranged and defence simultaneously
  • +m train magic
  • +m train magic defence - trains magic and defence simultaneously
Note: Hitpoints xp is gained alongside any combat style and cannot be selected as a primary training focus.
You can leave this in the default mode where your style will change depending on the mob you are attacking, or you can specify a specific combat skill to train in. The amount of xp you gain is based off of the hitpoints of the monster you're killing, and the hourly rate can vary from monster to monster. Fire giants offer the fastest combat experience in the game, but their lack of profitable drops can mean it may be preferable to train on other monsters.

Favourite Foods

When PvMing, you will consume any food you currently have in your bank. The consumption of your food is used from lowest healing to highest healing. Because of this mechanic, any jugs of wine you create during cooking training will be used before many other high tier foods. Unbeknownst to many people, using jugs of wine will actually incur a penalty when PvMing.
To set and remove prioritised food when PvMing, you can use the following command:
  • /config user favorite_food
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