Achievement Diaries

You can complete Achievement Diaries if you have the requirements. Requirements include things like: having skill requirements, owning certain items, having certain items in your collection log, having Quest points, completed minigames, completed agility courses, and killing certain monsters.

If you meet the requirements of a Diary, you can claim the reward item and the XP lamp.

Achievement Diary items can be purchased using the /buy command if the respective diary is already completed.


  • Check your currently completed Diaries:

    • /minion achievementdiary

  • Check the requirements of a diary:

    • /minion achievementdiary diary:Falador

  • Claim the rewards for a Diary:

    • /minion achievementdiary claim:True diary:Falador

  • Use an XP lamp:

    • /minion lamp item: antique lamp 1/2/3/4 skill:[skill]

  • Buy the achievement diary cape:

    • /buy name: Achievement diary cape

Diary Perks

You get a 10% boost to clue scrolls for having the achievement diary cape equipped.

Ardougne Diary

  • Hard

    • 10% increased chance of success when pickpocketing anywhere

  • Elite

    • 4% faster Farming trips

    • 50% more fish at Fishing Trawler

    • 25% bonus Marks of Grace from the Ardougne Rooftop Agility Course

Falador Diary

  • Hard

    • 3.5x faster hide tanning

  • Elite

Kandarin Diary

  • Hard

    • 10% bonus Barbarian Assault points

Karamja Diary

  • Easy

    • A ~13.3% increase when buying items from the Tokkul shop

    • A ~133% increase in tokkul received when selling items to the Tokkul shop

  • Medium

    • While worn, increased Agility experience from redeeming Agility tickets

    • 10% additional Agility experience earned from all obstacles in the Brimhaven Agility Arena

  • Elite

    • 10% chance of receiving 2 Agility arena tickets, instead of one, upon every successful pillar tag at the Brimhaven Agility Arena

Kourend & Kebos Diary

  • Medium

    • 20% boost to gathering speed of Dense essence blocks

  • Hard

    • Obtain the Ash sanctifier for passive prayer xp during combat (half xp)

  • Elite

    • 10% additional runes granted during the crafting process of Blood runes

    • Obtain the Ash sanctifier for passive prayer xp during combat (full xp)

Lumbridge & Draynor Diary

Morytania Diary

Note - The 50% boost to runes received from Barrows is already applied at all times

  • Hard

    • 2x Mort myre fungi collection

    • 50% more prayer xp during Shades of Mort'ton

  • Elite

    • 50% more firemaking xp during Shades of Mort'ton

Western Provinces Diary

  • Easy

    • 25% increase to hunting Chompy birds

  • Medium

    • 50% increase to hunting Chompy birds

  • Elite

    • 100% increase to hunting Chompy birds

Wilderness Diary

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