Old School Bot

Farming Contracts

Refer to House Paran for additional knowledge
An easy way to get additional seeds while farming is to take on a farming contract from Farming Guildmaster Jane using the /farming contract command.
QUICK START - Using the Autocontract button you can harvest your current contract, open a seedpack and get a new contract, or plant your current contract.

Farming Level Required

  • Easy contract - 45 Farming
  • Medium contract - 65 Farming
  • Hard contract - 85 Farming
Guildmaster Jane will ask you to grow a crop suitable for your farming level, and upon successfully harvesting the requested crop you will be given a seed pack. If your contract is too difficult, you can use the /farming contract input:easier command to have Jane downgrade your contract to the next lowest tier. After completing your contract, you can use /open name:Seed pack to get your seed rewards.