Farming Contracts

Refer to House Paran for additional knowledge

An easy way to get additional seeds while farming is to take on a farming contract from Farming Guildmaster Jane using the /farming contract command. Seed packs are tiered from 1-5 and work the exact same as the main game.

If you are tier 1 patron or higher (and your plant is fully grown), you will see an 'Auto Farming Contract' button at the end of your trips. This can be enabled/disabled using:

/config user toggle name:Disable Auto Farm Contract Button


  • 45 Farming (Easy contracts)

    • 65 Farming (Medium contracts)

    • 85 Farming (Hard contracts)


To get a contract:

  • /farming contract input:

To make an existing contract easier:

  • /farming contract input:easier

To open your seed pack:

  • /open name:seed pack

Contract Rewards

Each contract is tiered from 1-5, depending on the seed you were asked to plant. Generally, the harder the contract, the higher the tier. The tier will determine the reward from your seed pack. For more info on what tier your contract is and your potential reward, visit the respective OSRS pages:


Easy Rewards

Medium Rewards

Hard Rewards

Total Rolls

Tier 1

3-5 rolls

1-3 rolls

0 rolls

6 Rolls

Tier 2

3-5 rolls

2-3 rolls

1/11 chance

7 Rolls

Tier 3

3-6 rolls

2-4 rolls

0-1 rolls

8 Rolls

Tier 4

2-5 rolls

3-5 rolls

1-2 rolls

9 Rolls

Tier 5

1-5 rolls

4-6 rolls

1-3 rolls

10 Rolls

Green = easy contracts tiers, Yellow = medium contract tiers, Red = hard contract tiers

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