Old School Bot

Farming Training

Before you start: Decide what tier of compost you want to use. Ultracompost is definitely worth obtaining if you plan on doing any serious farming. Use /farming default_compost compost:Ultracompost before you start doing any farming and make sure to keep up on supply. At a bare minimum use supercompost, as it's very easy to get from wildy bosses or the /farming compost_bin command.
Ultra compost can be obtained by mining volcanic ash and combining with super compost. /mine name:Volcanic ash /create item:Ultracompost

Optimal route to level 99

/farming check_patches
/farming default_compost compost:Ultracompost
/farming always_pay
/farming plant plant_name:Potato (until level 5)
/farming plant plant_name:Onion (until level 7)
/farming plant plant_name:Cabbage (until level 12)
/farming plant plant_name:Tomato (until level 15)
Now farm tree seeds, Hardwood seeds, fruit tree seeds and Special seeds until 99
Tree seeds
/farming plant plant_name:Oak tree (until level 30)
/farming plant plant_name:Willow tree (until level 45)
/farming plant plant_name:Maple tree (until level 60)
/farming plant plant_name:Yew tree (until level 75)
/farming plant plant_name:Magic tree (Repeat to 99)
Hardwood seeds
/farming plant plant_name:Teak tree (Level 35-55)
/farming plant plant_name:Mahogany tree (Repeat to 99)
Fruit tree seeds
/farming plant plant_name:Pineapple tree (Level 51-57)
/farming plant plant_name:Papaya tree (until level 68)
/farming plant plant_name:Palm tree (until level 81)
/farming plant plant_name:Dragonfruit tree (Repeat to 99)
Special seeds
/farming plant plant_name:Calquat tree (Level 72-99)
/farming plant plant_name:Spirit tree (Level 83-99)
/farming plant plant_name:Celastrus tree (Level 85-99)
/farming plant plant_name:Redwood tree (Level 90-99)

Materials Needed:

Seeds vary depending on how active one farms, these numbers are just a guideline (The less active farming, the better xp/hour, but require more slower growing seeds)
  • 100 Potato seed
  • 100 Onion seed
  • 100 Cabbage seed
  • 100 Tomato seed
  • 100 Acorn
  • 100 Willow seed
  • 100 Maple seed
  • 100 Yew seed
  • 800-1000 Magic seed
  • 25 Teak seed
  • 50-100 Mahogany seed
  • 100 Pineapple seed
  • 100 Papaya tree seed
  • 100 Palm tree seed
  • 200-300 Dragonfruit tree seed
  • 100-150 Calquat tree seed
  • 100-200 Spirit seed
  • 120-200 Celastrus seed
  • 20-30 Redwood tree seed
  • 2000-3000 Ultracompost
  • 1000-1500 Potato cactus
  • 2000-3000 Yannillian hops
  • 200-400 Limpwurt root
  • 20000-30000 Coconut