DT2 Bosses

Boasting the new best in-slot rings, some fancy new mage robes and a re-skin for torva, you'll want to get your hands dirty with slaughtering these bosses!

This page will not list the required items and boosts for each boss. You can find that here.


  • The only requirement to kill these bosses is completion of the Desert Tresure 2 quest.

Regular Versions

Once you have successfully completed the DT2 quest, you can start killing the regular DT2 bosses. For info regarding required items, boosts, death chance and trip lengths, use:

/k name: show_info: true

The graph below shows the death chance when killing each regular DT2 boss. You will die plenty of times before getting full deathless trips. You will always have 1% death chance after 51kc.

Awakened Versions

The awakened variant of each boss can be fought straight away after the DT2 quest is complete. However, the awakened version has an extremely high death chance, as it is not designed to be farmed. Your kc on the regular version has no effect on your chances of killing the awakened version. After 200kc, your lowest possible death chance is 81.8%. It does not decrease after this.

Each kill of the awakened variant will consume 1 awakener's orb. Without these, you cannot fight the boss. Upon successfully killing 4/4 awakened bosses, you will receive the blood torva kit.


Currently, you CANNOT trade the completed rings!

There are 4 new BiS rings you can create with the unique drops from the bosses. They are:

  • Bellator Ring (Warrior ring)

  • Ultor Ring (Berserker ring)

  • Magus Ring (Seer's ring)

  • Venator Ring (Archer's ring)

To make each of the rings, you will need to acquire several items. However, the rings are all made through the same process with their respective vestige pieces.

You CANNOT use imbued rings to make the icons!

  • Break down the original ring for an icon.

    • /create item: Berserker icon

  • Combine the icon with the vestige and 500 blood runes.

    • /create item: Ultor icon

  • Combine the new icon with 3 Chromium ingots.

    • /create item: Ultor ring

You CANNOT revert blood torva once created!

You can create this armour set by combining each regular torva armour piece with a Blood essence ornament kit. You only need 1 kit to combine all pieces, and once you do, it becomes untradeable. It has no benefits over regular torva armour. You will receive the ornament kit upon killing the last of all 4 awakened bosses.

If you somehow lose your kit, you can simply kill any awakened boss to receive a new one.

These robes are obtainable as very rare drops from all of the bosses. Each piece has the same drop chance and you can obtain multiples of the same piece. There is no set order of dropping. They currently provide a small boost to the Whisperer boss, but are beaten by Ancestral robes.

This enormous 2-handed axe can be created by obtaining a specific piece from each of the 4 bosses. While it can be created and wielded, it does not provide any boosts to any bosses.

  • /create item: Soulreaper axe

These tablets are dropped rather commonly from the bosses and can be consumed by doing: /use item:. However, using these tablets currently gives no boosts to the DT2 bosses.

These quartzes are dropped rather commonly from the bosses but currently serve no use within the bot. You cannot use them to open the ancient chest.

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