Runecrafting Training

Fastest Route to 99:

/runecraft rune:Air Rune quantity:103 (until level 6) /runecraft rune:Mist Rune quantity:76 (until level 10) /runecraft rune:Dust Rune quantity:75 (until level 13) /runecraft rune:Mud Rune quantity:61 (until level 15) /runecraft rune:Smoke Rune quantity:164 (until level 19) /runecraft rune:Steam Rune quantity:232 (until level 23) /runecraft rune:Lava Rune (repeat until 99)

Materials Needed: 1,241,520 Pure essence and 1000-2000 Binding necklaces 1,240,800 Earth rune, 293 Water rune and 315 Air rune. Abyssal sire drops Binding necklaces in quantity's of 25. This assumes you have a staff providing infinite fire runes in your skilling setup. For each lap of Lava runes: 1 Earth talisman or 2 Astral rune + 7 Fire rune + 7 Water rune for Magic Imbue (lvl 82 magic), 1-2 charges Ring of dueling(8) and sometimes a dose of Stamina potion(4) is consumed.

Alternative Route to 99 (more profitable):

/runecraft rune:Air Rune quantity:17 /runecraft rune:Mind Rune quantity:56 /runecraft rune:Water Rune quantity:97 /runecraft rune:Earth Rune quantity:176 /runecraft rune:Fire Rune quantity:338 /runecraft rune:Body Rune quantity:4368 /runecraft rune:Astral Rune - to 77 /runecraft rune:Blood Rune - to 90 (or 99) /runecraft rune:Soul Rune - to whatever, this is best xp/hr at the Dark altar!

Materials needed: 170,382 pure essence

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