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Reverting Items

This page will provide you with in-depth information on how reverting items works and what it yields.
For starters, in most instances reverting items is something you may not necessarily be looking to do unless you are looking to sell something that has been made untradeable by adding an ornament to it or potentially charging it or even to break something down for components such as Zulrah items or even Bandos items into Bandosian components which is now needed as a result of Nex in order to create Torva items.
To start reverting items you are going to begin by doing /create item: revert and looking for the item that you are looking to revert into either:
  • Components
  • Original Item (removing an ornament or separating combined items)
  • Recoloured/Transmoged Pets
  • Reverting an item to Tickets (Castle Wars)
When reverting an item such as those listed below, you will be seeing a return of 20,000 Zulrah scales in exchange for that item or in regards to the Bandos items you will be seeing a return of Bandosian Components varying on the item that is reverted
  • Tanzanite Fang or Empty Blowpipe
  • Magic Fang (You can not revert a Toxic Staff of the Dead into Magic Fang and SoTD)
  • Serentine helm or Uncharged Serpentine Helm
  • Bandos Chestplate (3 Bandosian Components)
  • Bandos Tassets (2 Bandosian Components)
  • Armadyl Helmet (1 Armadylean Plate)
  • Armadyl Chestplate (4 Armadylean Plates)
  • Armadyl Chainskirt (3 Armadylean Plates)
  • Ancient Icon (5,000 Ancient Essence)
  • Venator shard (50,000 Ancient Essence)
  • Uncharged Wildy Weapons (7,500 Revenant Ether)
  • Xeric's Talisman (inert) (100 Lizardman Fangs)
When reverting one of the items below you will be guaranteed to get your Ornament kit back in regards to ornament items, with the Nightmare staffs you will be receiving back the Orb inserted in the staff and the Nightmare staff itself. Those items with ornaments are listed below
  • Zenyte Items (Tormented, Anguish, Torture)
  • Godswords (Bandos, Armadyl, Zamorak, Saradomin)
  • Scythe of Vitur (Sanguine, Holy)
  • Sanguinesti Staff (Sanguine, Holy)
  • Ghrazi Rapier (Sanguine, Holy)
  • Dragon items (Defender, Pickaxe, Sq shield, Full Helm, Platebody, Kiteshield, Boots, Scimitar, Platelegs, Plateskirt, Chainbody)
  • Nightmare Staffs (Eldritch, Volatile, Harmonised)
  • Ferocious Gloves (Hydra Leather)
When reverting a castle wars item back into tickets you will get full return of any and all tickets that was used to spend on buying those items in the first place. For more information on Castle Wars, how to get started, and the cost of all those items, make sure you make a trip to Castle Wars.
The only instance of reverting an item and not getting a component or an item return back is when doing /create item: revert Dragon Pickaxe (upgraded), this will only return you the Dragon Pickaxe.