This page is intended to briefly explain the useful things you can do with Zulrah uniques.

For information regarding boosts and requirements of Zulrah, please visit the relevant page.

Unique Items

The Blowpipe can be created from the fang (requires 53 fletching) and is an integral item for ToB and Inferno.

  • To create the blowpipe:

    • /fletch name: Toxic blowpipe (empty)

  • To add darts and scales

    • /minion blowpipe add: Dragon dart quantity: 1000

    • /minion blowpipe add: Zulrah's scales quantity: 1000

  • To remove darts and scales

    • /minion blowpipe uncharge: true

    • /minion blowpipe remove_darts: true

The Magic fang can be used to create 2 different staves (requires 59 crafting) and both provide boosts to Kraken and Thermy bosses. Once created, these 2 items cannot be reverted to their base form. You can charge only the toxic trident, which gives some benefits in PvM.

  • /create item:Toxic staff (uncharged)

  • /create item:Uncharged toxic trident

The Serpentine helm can be crafted from the visage (requires 52 crafting). It is currently only used at ToA for replacing the need for Sanfews while charged and equipped.

The helm can be created with the following command:

  • To create the helm:

    • /craft name: Serpentine helm (uncharged)

  • To charge the helm

    • /minion charge item:Serpentine helm amount:X

Currently have no use. They cannot be added to the serpentine helm.


It is possible to revert the following items into 20,000 zulrah's scales using the /create command. /create item: Revert tanzanite fang quantity: 1

  • tanzanite fang

  • toxic blowpipe (empty)

  • magic fang

  • serpentine visage

  • serpentine helm (uncharged)

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