Player-owned Houses

Hugely beneficial boosts!


/poh view - Generate POH image /poh view build_mode:true - Generates POH image in build mode /poh build name:[item] - Builds a specific item /poh destroy name:[item] - Destroys a specific item /poh mount_item name:[item] - Mount an item if you've built the item mount /poh wallkit - Allows you to switch between hosidius and normal wallkits if unlocked


80 Con - Rejuvenation pool or higher:

  • 50% boost to Corp

  • 10% boost to Kalphite Queen

  • 10% boost to Abyssal Sire

  • 10% boost to Barrows

81 Con - Basic jewellery box or higher:

  • Removes the need for Ring of dueling(8) when collecting items


Building materials such as limestone bricks can be bought with the /buy command even if you are an ironman.

When building your PoH, no construction xp is awarded, but your PoH can provide some great boosts as well as being able to use the image generated by the /poh command to flex on your friends. There are 13 different object spaces in your PoH, all of which have a bunch of different items you can build in them. Currently, the only item which provides a boost is the Rejuvenation pool which is built in the pool space, but other items will be made useful in the future. Not all items that have been coded are currently able to be built, but that will change as more updates are made to the bot. For a full list of items which can be build in each space, use the /poh items command. Your PoH is where your minion lives when not out working for you, so make sure to give it a good home!

If you have 99 construction, you can /poh build item mount and then /poh mountitem any item you own in your PoH to display to the world. This item is refunded if you ever want to switch it out for something else, though the magic stones required to mount the item itself are not.

If you have the Hosidius blueprints from the mahogany homes minigame, you can modify the wallkit for your house using the /poh wallkit Hosidius command. This will permanently unlock this wallkit for your PoH. Note that applying the Hosidius kit will consume your blueprint.

More kits may be added in the future.

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