Fountain of Rune

You can use the Fountain of Rune to charge Rings of wealth and Amulets of glory. Be aware that there is a small chance of getting pked (approximately 1/100 chance) which will result in a loss of an invent of wealths/glories per death. You will not lose any gear in any setup from this.

To charge at the Fountain of Rune, use the following command:

  • /activities charge item:[Amulet of glory/Ring of wealth]

Note: quantity refers to 1 inventory (1 invent = 26 items)

Charging Wealths

  • Ring of wealth (5) are required to make the Ornate jewellery box in your POH.

  • This is currently the only method to obtain charged Rings of wealth.

Charging Glories

  • Amulet of glory(6) are only used in the Gnome Restaurant minigame.

  • Gnome Restaurant is currently the only way to remove charges from a glory.

  • If you want to create Amulet of glory(4), use the /activities cast spell:recharge glory command. However, these are not used in Gnome restaurant and are only used to create the Ornate jewelley box in your POH.

Amulet of Eternal Glory

  • You can obtain this amulet at a 1/25,000 chance when charging glories here.

  • Possessing the stats for the Wilderness elite diary provides a 3x speed boost.

    • It is not recommended to charge glories unless you have this unlocked.

  • Currently, the only use of the Eternal glory is at the Gnome Restaurant minigame.

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