Old School Bot

Chambers of Xeric (CoX)

Getting Started

There are a few things that need to be prefaced before you get started.
To view your current stats and raiding abilities (gear score and death chance), use:
  • /raid cox stats
To start a Chambers of Xeric raid, use either:
  • /raid cox start type: solo
    • Solo CoX can be completed at 0kc, however, you are heavily penalised until 50kc. After 50kc, your solo'ing ability will be increased.
  • /raid cox start type: mass
    • Mass Cox requires a minimum of 2 users and has a maximum capacity of 15. Remember that one user will need 55 Farming and 78 Herblore for the mass!


  • 80+ Attack/Strength/Defence/Ranged/Magic
  • 70+ Prayer
  • Saradomin Brew(4), Super Restore(4), Stamina Potion(4)
  • In a mass, atleast one user needs 55 Farming and 78 Herblore (if solo, you need these too).
It is highly recommended that you have the best possible Melee, Range and Mage gear you can and to equip them in their respective setups. You can still participate with less than the 'best-in-slot' gear but you will receive less points, increase raid time and increase death chance.
View the best in slot and alternate gear setups for CoX here.

Potion Usage

When you are first starting out you will be using 7x Saradomin Brew(4), 4x Super Restore(4) and 1x Stamina Potion(4) per mass.
These quantities scale based off KC, Challenge Mode and Mass/Solo, excluding the stamina potion. In Solos you will use one extra Stamina Potion(4).

Finding a Raid Team

In the support discord server you will find dedicated channels for Chambers of Xeric.
For chatting, asking for help with your gear score you can talk in #raids-general.
For Challenge Mode chambers, solo or mass, it's recommended that you use #raids-mass-cm.
For regular chambers it's recommended that you use #raids-mass-regular.
Please keep in mind that these are just recommendations, you are not restricted to these channels in order to participate in raiding, it is only recommended as finding a group would be much easier. You can raid in your own discord servers if you would like to.


Higher Kc makes raids faster. Here is the maximum kc that will give a boost
Solo Kc
Mass Kc
Specific items will give a hidden speed boost to your raids, they DO NOT need to be equipped and the affect will apply from your bank.
The item with the highest boost that you currently own from each line will be applied.
  • Twisted bow (8%) OR Bow of faerdhinen (6%) OR Dragon hunter crossbow (5%)
  • Dragon hunter lance (3%) OR Abyssal tentacle (2%)*
  • Tumeken's shadow (9%)** OR Sanguinesti staff (6%)***
  • Dragon warhammer (3%) OR Bandos godsword (2.5%)
  • Zaryte vambraces (4%) (must be equipped in range setup for boost)
* - Requires at least 200 charges for boost to apply.
** - Requires at least 130 charges for boost to apply.
*** - Requires at least 150 charges for boost to apply.

Challenge Mode


  • 200 regular Chambers of Xeric kill count
  • Twisted bow OR Dragon hunter crossbow OR Bow of faerdhinen + full Crystal armour (masses)
  • Twisted bow (solos)


All the same loot from Old School RuneScape is available on Old School Bot.
Unique Chambers of Xeric (regular) loot can be viewed here
See below for unique Chambers of Xeric (Challenge Mode) loot.
  • Metamorphic dust - 1/400
  • Twisted ancestral colour kit - 1/75
Note: You can receive the Challenge Mode 'Dusted' metamorphic pets too, you just need 1x Metamorphic dust in your collection log and then they are dropped at a 1/50 rate from challenge mode Chambers of Xeric raids. (You DO NOT need an Olmlet!)
If you or another user of your raid gets a unique, you will see a purple square next to the spoiler and the loot (excluding prayer scrolls) is recorded in the #notifications channel in the discord support server.