Old School Bot

Hallowed Sepulchre

The Hallowed Sepulchre is an agility minigame where you can unlock the Dark Graceful outfit, the Dark Squirrel recolor, the Strange old lockpick, and the Ring of endurance.
To start the Sepulchre, use the command:
  • /minigames sepulchre start


Minimum 52 Agility - higher levels provide better rewards (including hallowed marks)
  • Floor 1 - 52 Agility
  • Floor 2 - 62 Agility
  • Floor 3 - 72 Agility
  • Floor 4 - 82 Agility
  • Floor 5 - 92 Agility


Most of the boosts will come from items purchased from the shop.
  • 4% boost for Hallowed grapple
  • 4% boost for Hallowed focus
  • 4% boost for Hallowed symbol
  • 4% boost for Hallowed hammer
  • 1% boost for Strange old lockpick
  • Up to 10% for minion learning
With all available boosts, it is possible to achieve upwards of 90K xp/hr while doing floor 5.
Note: The Hallowed Ring from the shop does not provide a boost or benefit.

Hallowed Sepulchre Shop

The following items can be purchased using the /buy command using hallowed marks.
  • E.g. /buy hallowed symbol
Hallowed marks required
Hallowed crystal shard
Hallowed token
Hallowed grapple
Hallowed focus
Hallowed symbol
Hallowed hammer
Hallowed sack
Hallowed ring
Dark dye
Dark acorn
  • If you have obtained a Giant Squirrel agility pet, you can /buy name: Dark squirrel after purchasing the dark acorn from the shop to transmogrify the pet.
  • Hallowed sacks can be opened with /open hallowed sack.

Dark Graceful Set

  • The dark graceful set can be acquired through purchasing the dark dye from the shop. It requires a full set of the base graceful and 1 dark dye per piece.
  • To create the set, simply type:
    • /create item:Dark graceful [piece] - piece by piece
    • /create item:Dark graceful - whole set in one command
  • You need 6 dark dyes to create the full set, totaling 1800 hallowed marks.

Strange Old Lockpick

The strange old lockpick provides boosts to several places in the bot; namely Barrows and Hallowed Sepulchre, as it has a purpose in those locations in game. However, unlike its in game counterpart, the strange old lockpick is untradeable in the bot, and has infinite charges. Because of this, its drop rate is significantly lower than in game, increasing its rarity.
Drop Rate
Floor 1
Floor 2
Floor 3
Floor 4
Floor 5
  • These rates are calculated by chest, not by floor. The number of chests on each floor can be found here, on the OSRS wiki. This means that while doing the Hallowed Sepulchre at 92+ agility, you will have an approximately 1/150 chance of receiving a strange old lockpick each lap.

Ring of Endurance

The Ring of Endurance also provides boosts to several activities within the bot, both the uncharged and charged versions.
To create the charged Ring of Endurance, use the following command:
  • /create item:Ring of endurance
    • Requires 125 Stamina potion(4)
    • The charged ring cannot be uncharged or traded
The boosts apply to the following activities:
  • Runecrafting trips - 1% (uncharged or charged)
  • Drift net fishing - 6% (uncharged or charged)
  • Farming trips - 10% (only charged version)