You can train Firemaking via the Wintertodt minigame using the command below. You will get Firemaking XP scaled to your level, and slightly better xp for higher Woodcutting and Construction levels. It is recommended to get at least 20 Construction before you start.

  • /k name: Wintertodt


  • 50 Firemaking

  • Food for healing

    • At least 160hp worth of food per kill (if not wearing warm clothing)

    • The bot will automatically use lower quality food first


  • Up to 10% for your Woodcutting level (0.1% each level)

  • Up to 37.5% food reduction for warm clothing

Warm Clothing

While optional, it is highly advised to equip at least 4 pieces of warm clothing in your skilling setup to reduce your food consumption by up to 37.5%. This will take your food consumption down from 160hp/kill, to 100hp/kill. The easiest warm gear you can obtain on the bot is Clue hunter, to do this see Crack The Clue. Warm clothes can be a combination of anything from the following list:

Warm Clothing
  • Pyromancer outfit (including warm gloves)

  • Santa outfit

  • Antisanta outfit

  • Firemaking cape/Fire cape/Infernal cape/Obby cape (or any variants)

  • Any fire hoods (Fire/Fire max/Infernal max)

  • Infernal tools

  • Any staff that uses fire runes (Fire/Steam/Lava/Smoke)

  • Clue hunter outfit

  • Bunny outfit

  • Chicken outfit

  • Any camo outfit (Polar/Wood/Jungle/Desert)

  • Any scarf

  • Hunter outfits (Graahk/Larupia/Kyatt)

  • Bearhead

  • Santa hat/Black santa hat

  • Gloves of silence

  • Fremennik gloves

  • Bomber outfit

  • Fire tiara

  • Lit bug lantern

  • Ale of the gods

  • Bruma torch

  • Tome of fire

  • Volcanic abyssal whip

  • Lumberjack hat


Fighting the Wintertodt provides item rewards scaled to your Woodcutting, Mining, Fishing, Farming, Crafting, and Herblore levels. You can obtain all regular uniques at the same rate as the real game.

  • You will receive the Pyro pieces in the following order: Garb > Hood > Robe > Boots.

  • If you own 3 pairs of warm gloves and roll a 4th or more, you will receive a Magic seed instead.

  • If you own 3 bruma torches and roll a 4th or more, you will receive a Torstol seed instead.

Phoenix Pet

The Phoenix pet is also obtainable at a 1/5000 per roll. At 200m fm xp, your odds are increased 15x, meaning your chances are drastically improved to 1/333.

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