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Clue Scrolls

Guide for hunting clue scrolls

Beginner Clues

Obor/Bryophyta for guaranteed beginners (requires Giant key/Mossy key respectively).
Alternatively can kill men/goblins for easies and beginners. It is advised to send shorter trips.

Easy Clues

Pickpocketing Male HAM Members, send trips of ~50. Average easy clue takes ~1-2 minutes to obtain this way.

Medium Clues

Puro puro is 330 eclectics/hr at high level, resulting in a medium clue every ~5 minutes for time spent. Tier 2 Patrons can use "open_until" for the medium clues making this very quick and easy.
Killing ~100 guards at a time with a cannon is an alternative for slightly slower meds/hour, but doesn't require opening a bunch of implings for the clue.

Hard Clues

As many hard clues come passively, doing slayer with a good blocklist is the recommended way to obtain hard clues, as superiors will result in quite a few totem pieces for the guaranteed hard clues from skotizo.
If you'd rather not do slayer, the best method for hard clues/hr is to barrage Warped Jellies.

Elite Clues

Elite clues generally come passively through pvm, as virtually every boss drops elite clues. It's generally not recommended to camp specifically for elite clues, however, Vorkath is the best pure elite clues per hour at roughly every 2 hours with all boosts.

Master Clues

Master clues can be created using an easy, medium, hard, and elite clue scroll.
  • /create item:Master clue
However, this is generally not recommended, as getting masters passively through other clue completions is a much more efficient way to obtain them, especially due to the length of time required to obtain the elite clues. It's usually better to do either mediums or hard clues, and do the masters obtained from those, rather than specifically create master clues.
Chance of master clues from other clues:
  • Easy clues - 1/50
  • Medium clues - 1/30
  • Hard clues - 1/15
  • Elite clues - 1/5