Temple Trekking

You can do temple trekking by using /minigames temple_trek start and then choosing a difficulty.


All difficulties: 30 QP


  • Combat level: 45

  • Any melee attack stat: 20

  • All melee defence stats: 30


  • Combat level: 70

  • Any melee attack stat: 30

  • All melee defence stats: 80


  • Combat level: 110

  • Any melee attak stat: 30

  • All melee defence stats: 150


  • Graceful: -15% penalty if not equipped

  • 1% faster trip time per 25 treks completed, maxes out at 10% (250kc)

  • Morytania Hard Diary: 15%

  • Ivandis Flail: 10% OR Blisterwood Flail 15%

  • Salve amulet (e) 5% OR Salve amulet (ei) 5%

Ivandis/Blisterwood Flail

  1. /craft name:Silver sickle

  2. /create item:Ivandis Flail - Requires Silver sickle + cut emerald

  3. /create item:Blisterwood Flail - Requires Ivandis flail + cut ruby

Salve Amulet (e)

  1. /buy name: Salve amulet

  2. /activites collect item:Tarn's diary - cannot specify quantity

  3. /create item:Salve amulet (e)

Although the salve amulet (e) can be imbued, the imbued salve amulet (ei) still only provides the same 5% bonus as the unimbued version.


To buy rewards with your tokens, use /minigames temple_trek buy

  • E.g. /minigames temple_trek buy reward:Experience difficulty:Hard

Rewards are same as in game. The treks themselves drop nails from nail beasts and remains from shades, as well as Lumberjack outfit. It's possible to get dupes of lumberjack after you get the full set.

Rewards per hour

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