Information regarding the creatables collection log

The creatables cl is a custom collection log that is a useful way to track many items, and is a competitive collection log for cl enthusiasts.

There are a few categories that items here fall under, primarily including item creation, gear sets, and ornament kits.

Item creation

Items in this category include godswords, spirit shields, and god books. The creation of these items is pretty straightforward and most players are familiar with these.

Gear Sets

Gear sets are sets of items created to make a set, usually for the purpose of being easier to trade. These are created the same way as items are, but can be much harder to collect due to the sheer number of items needed for all the sets, as many of them have (lg) and (sk) variants. Notiorious sets include the Dragon armour sets and the Gilded armour sets.

Ornament Kits

These are ornamented versions of other items, and make up the vast majority of items in this category. Most of these come from clues, though some of them are simply recolours (such as Graceful and Spirit Angler.

A sub category of these are Leagues rewards. These are ornament kits that can be obtained as rewards from playing BSO, and also have their own cl under custom.

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