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Herbiboar is a hunter activity where you can gain decent hunter xp and a handful of herbs.
To start Herbiboar, use:
  • /hunt name:Herbiboar
3x Stamina Potion (4) will be consumed automatically if you have them banked. To avoid consuming them, use the stamina_potions:False option.
  • /hunt name:Herbiboar stamina_potions:False


  • 80 Hunter
  • 31 Herblore


  • 5% for full Graceful (equipped)
  • 20% for using Stamina Potions
  • Up to 20% for Creature Hunting Experience
  • Magic Secateurs provide a small increase to herb yield

Loot Table

  • You will receive 1-3 herbs (2-4 if using Magic Secateurs) per catch.
  • You will always receive the following herbs from levels 31-99:
    • Grimy Guam Leaf
    • Grimy Irit Leaf
    • Grimy Avantoe
    • Grimy Kwuarm
    • Grimy Cadantine
  • You also have a chance the roll the Herbi pet at 1/6500 per Herbiboar caught.
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