Crystal Implings

You can specifically hunt Crystal implings at a much faster rate than passively collecting them through activities completed in Priff. This method is limited to catching 22 Crystal imps per hour (compared to the 1 Crystal imp every 1-2 hours through passive activities). This does not mean you will catch 22 Crystal imps per hour, it's just the maximum. You are more likely to catch 12-18 per hour.


  • 150 Quest points

  • Song of the Elves requirements

    • 70 Mining, Smithing, Farming, Woodcutting, Agility, Herblore, Construction, Hunter


Boosts affect your chance of a successful catch, rather than the speed of your trip. Basically, higher boosts means increased imp catches.

  • 5% boost for Graceful outfit (must be equipped anywhere)

  • 20% boost for using Stamina potion(4) (1 stam every 10 mins of the trip)

  • Up to 10% for creature hunting experience (1% for every hour of hunting)

  • +2 Hunter levels if using Hunter potion(4) (1 hunt pot every 8 mins of the trip)

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