The Gauntlet is a solo minigame which has some substantial requirements. When you start at both the normal and corrupted gauntlets, your chance of death within the minigame will be quite high. This can be reduced through minion learning (down to 6%).
To begin a trip, use /minigames gauntlet start corrupted:true (the corrupted option may be left off if doing normal gauntlet).


  • Level 80 in all combat stats (90 for Corrupted)
  • Level 77 Prayer
  • Level 70 in the following skills:
    • Smithing
    • Mining
    • Farming
    • Agility
    • Woodcutting
    • Fishing
    • Cooking
    • Herblore
    • Construction
    • Hunter
  • 200+ quest points
  • Corrupted Gauntlet also requires at least 50kc in the normal Gauntlet.


  • Augury & Rigour prayers both provide a 3% boost.
  • Higher KC provides a speed boost (up to 20% at 100kc).


The standard rewards from gauntlet can be obtained here such as Crystal shards alongside runes, gems, arrows, and rune/dragon alchables. The unique rewards include:

Crystal weapon seeds

The only thing these can be made into is a Crystal halberd for ToB.
  • /create item:crystal halberd

Crystal armour seeds

Currently have no use except trading in for crystal shards.

Enhanced crystal weapon seeds

You need 82 crafting and smithing to create both the inactive and charged versions of the blade/bow. The charged bow provides boosts to bosses such as Sara, Arma, Zulrah, and CoX. The charged blade is used at ToB. Charged versions can be reverted back to inactive versions and inactive weapons can be reverted back to seeds (costs 250 crystal shards for the latter).
  • /create item:blade of saeldor (inactive) - Requires 100 shards
  • /create item:bow of faerdhinen (inactive) - Requires 100 shards
  • /create item:blade of saeldor (c) - Requires 1000 shards
  • /create item:bow of faerdhinen (c) - Requires 2000 shards
Note: The charged blade/bow are untradeable, while the inactive versions are tradeable.

Trading in Crystal Seeds

You may trade in your spare crystal seeds for crystal shards through the +amrod command.
  • E.g. +amrod 3 crystal tool seed
Crystal weapon seed
Crystal tool seed
Enhanced teleport crystal seed
Crystal armour seed
Enhanced crystal weapon seed