Old School Bot

Fishing Training

Fastest route to 99:

/fish name:Shrimps from 1-5 /fish name:Sardine from 5-10 (requires fishing bait) /fish name:Herring from 10-20 (requires fishing bait) OPTIONAL: Fishing Trawler for Angler outfit /fish name:Trout from 20-30 (requires feathers) /fish name:Salmon from 30-58 (requires feathers) OPTIONAL: Aerial Fishing (reqs minimum 35 hunter) for Pearl barbarian rod /fish name:Barbarian fishing from 58-99 (requires feathers)
Tempoross is a good option instead of Barbarian Fishing once you have obtained a crystal tool seed from Zalcano and a Dragon harpoon from Wyrms or Tempoross to create a crystal harpoon. Requires 35 fishing.

Additional Information:

Aerial Fishing when at least 43 fishing/35 hunter, this is much better than doing Hunting or Fishing on their own for training if you're looking to get 99 in both.
Collection Log Slots obtainable by Fishing
Bass (Big Bass), Swordfish (Big Swordfish), Shark (Big Shark), Fishing Trawler (Angler outfit), Aerial Fishing (3 Rods+Golden Tench+Fish Sack).