Old School Bot

Warriors Guild

You can use the Warriors Guild to get defenders, powerful offensive offhand slot items. You can use sets of black, mithril, adamant, or rune armour to earn guild tokens command. Once you have tokens, you can fight the cyclopes housed in the guild to earn bronze through dragon defenders. You are required to have at least 100 tokens before killing the cyclopes.
To collect warriors guild tokens:
  • /activities warriors_guild action:tokens quantity:<quantity>
To kill cyclops for defenders:
  • /activities warriors_guild action:cyclops
The quantity:<quantity> option can be used to specify the quantity of cyclopes to kill.
NOTE: Don't equip your defenders until you get dragon! The command checks your bank for current defender rather than equipped gear. You can also get more than one defender in one trip.
If you have attained 99 Attack, you can equip the cape in the melee setup and no longer require any tokens to kill the cyclops (you do still require the previous tiers of defenders in order to get the next one).

Armour sets

Each armour set requires the full helm, platebody, and platelegs. You will automatically use the highest tier armour set you can. Armour sets are not consumed.
Armour set
Tokens/Hour (approx.)
Black armour set
Mithril armour set
Adamant armour set
Rune armour set