Mahogany Homes

Mahogany Homes is the construction minigame and it provides more xp per plank as well as some rewards which will improve your construction experience.

To start a contract, use the /minigames mahogany_homes start command.

Your minion will automatically complete the highest level contract.

All contracts use a random amount of steel bars and planks, scaled to the amount of contracts being completed in a trip.

Contract Types

  • Beginner Contracts

    • Level 1-19

    • Requires normal planks

    • 2 points awarded per contract

  • Novice Contracts

    • Level 20-49

    • Requires oak planks

    • 3 points awarded per contract

  • Adept Contracts

    • Level 50-69

    • Requires teak planks

    • 4 points awarded per contract

  • Expert Contracts

    • Level 70+

    • Requires mahogany planks

    • 5 points awarded per contract

Mahogany Homes Buyables

You can buy the following items with the /minigames mahogany_homes buy command.

E.g. /minigames mahogany_homes buy name:Builders supply crate

  • The full carpenter's outfit provides a 2.5% boost to construction XP.


Point cost


Builders supply crate


Provides construction materials when opened

Amy's saw


Cosmetic saw

Plank sack


Mahogany Homes xp boost

Hosidius blueprints


PoH recolour

Carpenter's helmet


0.4% construction xp boost

Carpenter's shirt


0.8% construction xp boost

Carpenter's trousers


0.6% construction xp boost

Carpenter's boots


0.2% construction xp boost

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