Slayer is a skill where you're assigned to kill a certain amount of a certain monster - called a 'task', you keep completing lots of tasks to unlock more knowledge on slaying monsters, and gain points which can be used to unlock rewards.
So, in very simple terms to train slayer, all you need to do is: Get a task +slayertask then Kill that monster /k monster.


  • Get a new slayer task, or check your current task:
    • +slayertask turael or +st duradel
    • You can set a Slayer master as your default using --save, so that you don't have to specify the name every time. E.g. +slayertask duradel --save
  • Automatically send your minion to kill your currently assigned task:
    • +autoslay or +as
  • Skip your current task:
    • +st skip - Costs 30 slayer points
    • Use +st turael to cancel your task and reset your streak.
  • Buy rewards/unlocks from the Slayer shop:
    • +slayershop unlock malevolent masquerade
    • +sls unlock red slayer helmet
  • List Slayer shop unlocks:
    • +slayershop help
  • Blocking tasks:
    • Block current task: +st block
    • See block list: +st list
    • Unblock a task: +st unblock blue dragon
  • Getting a Slayer Helmet:
    • Firstly, unlock the Slayer helmet using +sls unlock slayer helmet
    • With a black mask and 55 Crafting, buy the required items from the bot, and then /create item: slayer helmet
  • Use a Cannon in your task
    • If you own a cannon and cannonballs, the cannon can be used at some slayer tasks to speed it up, at the cost of cannonballs. You can do this with the method option on the kill command, for example /k name:dagannoth method:cannon
    • You can buy a cannon using +buy dwarf multicannon.
    • In single combat, 16 cannonballs are used per minute of task. In multi combat, 50 cannonballs are used per minute of task.
  • Barrage your task:
    • If you have sufficient Runes and the Magic level, you can barrage your tasks, to speed it up at the cost of runes. You can do this with the method option on the kill command, for example /k name:warped jelly method:barrage
    • Both barrage and burst uses 16 casts per minute of task. The rune costs are the same as in game. Any item that provides unlimited water runes works, but needs to be equipped.
  • Default to always barraging/bursting/cannoning
    • /config user combat_options
    Note that there is no way to override the always on settings. If you want to do certain tasks in the catacombs for example you should disable always cannon and specify +as ehp when wanting to use a cannon. If you've saved +as ehp as your default, you can override this by using +as default.
  • Automatically slay your task with guided settings:
    • +as default/lowest/efficient/boss
    • Optionally add --save to set your default
    • Default: kills the monster you're assigned
    • Lowest: kills the lowest combat level monster
    • Efficient: Use with always cannon for the most efficient tasks for Slayer XP.
    • Boss: Kills the boss variant or similar, (e.g. Demonic gorillas for Black demons)
This is based on using Duradel at 50 slayer.
This is based on using Duradel after achieving 93 slayer.
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