Phosani's Nightmare


Phosani's Nightmare is a more difficult; solo-only version of The Nightmare of Ashihama. It drops the same items as the normal Nightmare, as well as the Parasitic egg and the Slepey tablet. While unique items are rarer from Phosani's Nightmare than they are from the regular Nightmare, Phosani's Nightmare can be killed significantly faster, capping out at 2kc per trip (4kc if patreon).

To kill Phosani's Nightmare, use /k name: Phosani's Nightmare


  • Phosani's Nightmare requires at least 50kc at normal Nightmare.

  • Stats

    • Level 90 Attack/Strength/Defence/Magic/Hitpoints

    • Level 70 Prayer

    • A Defence Slash stat of least 150

    • An Attack Crush stat of at least 80

  • Items (per kill)

    • 700 Fire runes

    • 490 Air runes

    • 70 Wrath runes

    • 1 Super restore(4)

    • 1 Sanfew serum(4)

    • 1 Super combat potion(4) - Only uses 2-doses per kill


For the staff boost, you can only have 1. The bot will check for an equipped Shadow first, followed by an equipped sang, and if neither of those are met, the bank is checked for a harm staff.

The shadow will use 70 charges per kill, while the sang will use 85 charges per kill.

  • You must use the tablet for the boost to apply: /use item:Slepey tablet

BiS Gear

Your melee gear will provide a boost up to 13.2%. This boost is based on each piece of BiS gear you have equipped, with each piece giving 1.2%. Equipping anything that is not BiS, will not grant the 1.2% boost for that slot. Rada's Blessing 4 is BiS for the ammo slot, all other blessings will not suffice.

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