There are 3 methods to training your Prayer: burying/offering bones, using ensouled heads, and offering demonic ashes.

Zealot's Robes

When equipped in the skilling setup, these robes provide a 1.25% chance per piece to save bones when burying or offering (5% for full outfit). This effect stacks with the chaos altar's bone saving effect. The outfit does not work on ensouled heads. This outfit is obtained from the gold chests in the Shades of Mort'ton minigame at a rate of 1/128 per piece.

Burying/Offering Bones

You can train Prayer by burying bones, or offering them to the Chaos altar. For example, to bury Dragon bones, you can do /activities bury name: Dragon bones. You can also specify an amount but this is optional as it will default to the maximum. This should never be done as the Chaos alter gives over 6x more xp per bone, even including the chance to lose bones to pkers.

Offering the bones to the Chaos altar works exactly the same, except you use /offer instead, for example: /offer name: Dragon bones.

The Chaos Altar works like ingame, your minion will do 1 inventory trips back and forth to sacrifice, with a 10% chance of being PKed in the trip and losing some amount of your inventory of bones (depending on if you got PKed at the start/middle/finish).

Ensouled Heads

Through slayer and other combat related activities, you may obtain ensouled heads in various forms. You can use these heads for Prayer xp by using the /k command. They require a specific magic level to kill along with a rune cost for each cast. To view the rune cost and xp given, visit the Ensouled heads page.

Demonic Ashes

Much like ensouled heads, you can obtain demonic ashes through slayer and other combat related activities. These have 2 uses:

  • They can be offered through the use of the /activities cast spell: Demonic offering command which will grant various amounts of prayer xp depending on the type of the ashes offered.

  • They can be scattered through the use of the /activities scatter name: command. This requires no items or runes. It gives the full xp regardless of the diary level completed.

Type of Ashes

Xp Received (Offering)

Xp Received (Scattering)

Spell cost per offering

Fiendish ashes



1 Soul Rune 1 Wrath Rune 3 Fiendish ashes

Vile ashes



1 Soul Rune 1 Wrath Rune 3 Vile ashes

Malicious ashes



1 Soul Rune 1 Wrath Rune 3 Malicious ashes

Abyssal ashes



1 Soul Rune 1 Wrath Rune 3 Abyssal ashes

Infernal ashes



1 Soul Rune 1 Wrath Rune 3 Infernal ashes

Ash Sanctifier

This item can be obtained through completion of the Hard and Elite Kebos & Kourend diary. If you have already completed the diary, simply just claim the diary reward again. This item must be charged to use during combat, costing 1 death rune for 10 charges. When charged during combat, you will receive passive prayer xp anytime you kill monsters that drop demonic ashes. If you have only the hard diary completed, you will receive half the normal xp, or full xp for completion of the elite diary (see above for xp rates).

To charge the Ash sanctifier, use:

  • /minion charge item: Ash sanctifier amount: X

To toggle the effect of the Ash sanctifier during combat, use:

  • /config user toggle name: Disable Ash Sanctifier

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