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Slayer Boosts

You will not receive totem pieces or ancient shards if you are using a cannon as cannons cannot be placed in the catacombs.
You can check the boosts for a specific monster and by how much by using the /k show_info:True command. The Elysian spirit shield will also reduce your food usage by 17.5%, this needs to be equipped to work. Having a full Justiciar set equipped in your melee will further increase your food reduction by 6.5% on any Melee tasks

General boosts

You can find boosts for bosses under the boss boosts page.
Certain foods give boosts to the trip time during PvM. See more information here.
Cannon boosts a number of bosses by a variable amount, the same applies for bursting and barraging.
Please note this is not complete - either submit a PR or post in the wiki channel on discord if you notice something is missing.
Slayer Helmet
All monsters during a task, imbued works for all styles while unimbued only works for melee. Black mask works the same. Note: Must be training the corresponding style for the boost to work.
Greater demon, Black demon, Nechryael, Bloodveld, Hellhound, Abyssal Demon, Skotizo, Tortured Gorilla, Demonic Gorilla
Dragon Hunter Crossbow
Wyrm, Drake, All dragons - This boost isn't listed with +monster, must be training ranged.
Dragon Hunter Lance
Wyrm, Drake, All dragons - This boost isn't listed with +monster, must be training melee.
Dragonbone Necklace
Kodai Wand
Dust Devil, Smoke Devil, Ankou, Greater Nechryael
Leaf-bladed Battleaxe
Kurask, Turoth
Saradomin Godsword
Greater demon, Black demon, Abyssal Demon
Inquisitor's Mace
Basilisk Knight
Inquisitor's Hauberk
Basilisk Knight
Inquisitor's Plateskirt
Basilisk Knight
Staff of the Dead
Dust Devil*, Smoke Devil*, Ankou*, Greater Nechryael*
* Better boost(s) available.