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Kourend Favour

Kourend favour can be attained using /activities favour name:[houseName].
The below table shows a summary of stat and item requirements, along with time to complete 100% favour. Methods for obtaining favour are based off fastest methods available in-game, hence the required stats needed for some favours. This is not changeable.
House Name
Required Items
Required Stats
Time For Completion
2 x Stamina potion(4)
60 minutes
950 Compost 950 Saltpetre
40 minutes
65 Mining 73 Smithing
200 minutes
45 Plank 25 Steel Bar
30 Crafting 15 Hunter
120 minutes
2 x Stamina potion(4) 2 x Prayer potion(4)
50 Attack 50 Strength 50 Defence 50 Hitpoints 43 Prayer
60 minutes
* - For Shayzien and Arceeus favour you can use the argument no_stams:True, this will use no stamina potions, however, the trip will be a lot longer.

Activities Requiring Favour

  • You need 15% Hosidius to steal from fruit stalls.
  • You need 65% Hosidius to farm Grapes, and use the Farming guild.
  • You need 75% Hosidius for chopping redwoods.
  • You need 100% Hosidius to use the Tithe Farm.
  • You need 100% Hosidius to use the Hosidius cooking range.
  • You need 100% Arceuus to build the Dark/Occult Altar in your PoH.
  • You need 100% Arceuus for the Dark Altar (blood/soul RCing).
  • You need 100% Piscarilius to fish Anglerfish.
  • You need 100% Shayzien to kill Lizardman shamans.
  • You need 100% in all favours to use the Dark Lure spell.