There are various activities within the bot that require a specific amount of quest points to access. These requirements mimic the real requirements in OSRS. Every questing trip is 30 minutes long. The maximum amount of quest points you can currently collect is: 308. These are divided up between:

To start questing, use the following command:

  • /activities quest

Preface Notes

  • The amount of quest points given per trip is as follows:

    • 1-3 - Between 1-99QP

    • 1-2 - Between 100-199QP

    • 1 - Between 200-308QP

  • It takes approximately ~120 hours of questing to obtain the cape.

  • If you have level 1 Herblore and complete a questing trip, you have a 50% chance to be given 250xp in Herblore to allow your minion to start the Herblore skill.

  • If you have level 1 Magic and complete a questing trip, you have a 50% chance to be given 325xp in Magic for theoretical completion of Witch's Potion.

  • If you have less than 1000 Magic xp and complete a questing trip after 15QP, you have a 50% chance to be given 1000xp in Magic for theoretical completion of Fairytale Part 1 quest.

  • If you have level 40 or higher Cooking, less than 2500xp in Magic, and you complete a questing trip after 50QP, you have a 50% chance to gain 2500xp in Magic for theoretical completion of an RFD miniquest.


  • 10% speed boost for equipping full graceful (can be equipped in any setup)

Specific Quests

There are 10 quest points obtainable through the Varlamore quests. These quests have requirements and rewards that are the same as in-game. Ironman specific requirements are listed in blue. Simply use the quest command /activities quest name: and select the quest you wish to complete.

Desert Treasure 2

In order to start fighting the DT2 bosses, you will need to complete this specific quest, which can be done by /activities quest name:Desert Treasure II - The Fallen Empire

Quest Requirements

  • 150 Quest points

  • 75 Firemaking

  • 75 Magic

  • 70 Thieving

  • 62 Herblore

  • 60 Runecrafting

  • 60 Construction

Quest Length

The quest also takes substantially longer than regular questing. The base time to complete the quest is 3 hours. However, your combat level and percentage of the boss collection log completed can alter the length that this quest will take.

Combat Level

  • Below 100 will add 30 minutes to the duration.

  • Below 90 will add 40 minutes to the duration.

% of Boss CL Completed

  • Less than 10% (<25 CL slots) will add 20 minutes to the duration.

  • Less than 30% (<75 CL slots) will add 10 minutes to the duration.

  • More than 50% (124> CL slots) will minus 30 minutes from the duration.

  • More than 80% (198> CL slots) will minus 60 minutes from the duration.


You will be rewarded with a Ring of shadows (no use in the bot for now), and 3 Ancient lamps which each grant 100k XP in any combat skill, including Prayer.

/minion lamp item: ancient lamp skill:

Questing Unlocks

This section will detail the unlocks of certain activities which require quest points.

NOTE - There are a large number of buyables that require quest points to purchase that will not be listed here. Please check out the quest items on the buyables page for more info.

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